The Essential Disaster Preparation Supplies & Equipment Every Home Should Have

Aug 31, 2023

With the guides and resources from Beginner Disaster and Survival Prep, you can make sure you’re ready to act in the right way when the worst happens.

Whether you have kids to protect or you want to act fast if an emergency happens in your workplace, it’s important to be prepared. That’s what Beginner Disaster and Survival Prep is all about!

You’ll get expert tips for emergency situations, and discover the best equipment for camping, hiking, and personal safety when exploring or adventuring in the wilderness. The best time to start getting prepared was yesterday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start today!

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Beginner Disaster and Survival Prep argues that you should be able to depend on yourself when an emergency occurs - and establishing the right protocols ahead of time is the best way to ensure the correct steps are taken when the worst happens. The new guide covers shelter, safety items, food and water, backpacks, survival lighting, and clothing.

It emphasizes the "rule of 3s" as a foundational principle, noting that in extreme conditions, we can only survive roughly 3 hours without shelter, 3 days without water, and 3 weeks without food. Understanding these limitations provides a framework for how to respond when disaster strikes. The guide offers practical tips such as focusing on what can be controlled in chaotic times, like staying hydrated and nourished, as well as instructions on skills like building a fire for warmth and cooking.

It also stresses the importance of having certain supplies readily available in emergency kits, including a wind-up or battery-powered radio to receive critical alerts, a first aid kit to treat injuries, toiletries and medications, an emergency blanket for warmth, and copies of important documents and contacts like insurance policies and family evacuation plans.

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The guide arms you with the knowledge to meet the basic needs of your loved ones, which can provide comfort and empowerment. Equipped with techniques for procuring water, food, and shelter, you can feel capable of keeping your children safe - and by sharing this useful information within neighborhoods and workplaces, you can band together to withstand crises through cooperation.

A spokesperson states: "Preparing for and surviving disasters is probably one of the harder issues you and your family are going to have to deal with in their lifetime. But people don't think that far ahead when it comes to natural or man made disasters, especially in the inner cities."

Do you want to be prepared to act fast and keep your loved ones safe during emergencies? Read this guide today!

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