Identify Safe Food & Drink With This Food Intolerance Test From Digestive Specialist Naturimedica

Dec 4, 2018

NSW based holistic health company Naturimedica has announced safe testing for food intolerances that can help to identify the foods that are compatible with your body. The test covers over 500 items and can help improve or prevent a range of health issues.

Naturimedica, a Lake Macquarie, NSW based Australian holistic health specialist, has announced it can provide food intolerance testing for local as well as Australia-wide clients. This is a safe, non-invasive and accurate method of identifying the foods and drinks that are compatible with the person’s body, using a small hair sample to find which of the 500+ food and household items tested trigger inflammation in the body.

More information can be found at:

The test is ideal for anyone with food sensitivities or problems with their gut and digestion, because consuming inflammatory foods on a regular basis can lead to many health imbalances. These include bloating, flatulence, IBS, allergies, skin conditions such as eczema, insomnia, fatigue, and more.

Naturimedica is a health and wellness hub established by Joanna Sochan to help individuals and their families achieve their health and wellness goals. Joanna is a naturopath, herbalist, nutritionist, and reiki practitioner and prides herself on high quality service and a personalised care..

Joanna established the company to provide optimal holistic healthcare, and personalised health and wellbeing solutions in a supportive, caring environment. Naturimedica has both, two natural medicine clinics in Sydney and Lake Macquarie, and an online repository for information and guidance on a range of topics and conditions.

Joanna explains that she decided to become a naturopath and launch Naturimedica based on her own experiences. She had a 20-year corporate career, which was very successful – and also very stressful. The daily stresses accumulated overtime and she started to feel tired then exhausted, felt anxious and depressed, suffered from bad insomnia and felt overwhelmed by even small tasks.

This led to significant health problems that were not remedied by the conventional treatments. As a result, she started researching and applying various natural ways of healing, and soon she saw improvements. After consulting a naturopath for professional advice, she experienced dramatic changes in her energy levels, moods and overall health. Afterwards, she was motivated and inspired to study natural medicine and became a naturopath herself.

The holistic healthcare services provided by Joanna include dealing with fatigue and helping people to feel less stressed, poor sleep solutions, digestive problems, eczema, hives and other skin conditions, food sensitivities and more.

Joanna states: “As a holistic health practitioner I combine the best of both – natural medicine and functional medicine, with emphasis on the importance of good nutrition, tailored supplementation, key lab testing and personalised lifestyle modifications. This ensures my clients find the solutions they’ve been looking for.”

A range of therapeutic programs is available on the Naturimedica site, including a Sleep Reset program, Natural Parasite Cleanse, Test, Don’t Guess program, and Food Compatibility Testing for food intolerances.

Interested parties can find out more on the URL above, and get in touch on 0412 130 401.

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