The Best Sydney Naturopath To Treat Your Dientamoeba Fragilis & B;astocystis Infections

Apr 14, 2024

The Sydney holistic health & wellness clinic Naturimedica is offering a safe, natural treatment program for gut parasites like Dientamoeba fragilis or Blastocystis.

The holistic health & wellness clinic Naturimedica is offering a natural cleansing program for all those in Australia who struggle with gut parasites like Dientamoeba fragilis (D. fragilis) or Blastocystis hominis (Blastocystis).

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Intestinal parasites like D. fragilis or Blastocystis are microscopic organisms that can live in the gastrointestinal track and often lead to a variety of different ill health effects like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), diarrhoea, cramping, constipation, pain, fatigue, nausea, headaches or low energy.

For everyone in Australia who is looking to get rid of these common parasites and the related symptoms in a safe and natural manner, the naturopathic clinic Naturimedica is offering a gut cleansing program.

The program made for those who have done specific tests such as the PCR stool test and confirmed the presence of a parasitic infection, offers more than four hours of consultation time to analyze the lab results, discuss the symptoms and devise a personalized, holistic treatment plan.

This plan features tailored anti parasitic herbs, personalised nutrition with meal plans and recipes, a bio-compatibility food test which identifies current food sensitivities, and doable lifestyle change recommendations targeting stress reduction and the quality of sleep.

The gut cleanse program is delivered either in person at the clinic on Pitt Street, Sydney, or online through Skype/ Zoom or phone Australia-wide, by the seasoned, skilled and dedicated natural medicine practitioner Joanna Sochan.

Seen as one of the ‘go to’ naturopaths around, Ms. Sochan always combines her unique expertise and natural treatments with a friendly approach, ongoing emotional support and any encouragement the client may need to stick to the plan and stay positive throughout.

She explains “intestinal parasites are often overlooked as a potential cause of disease or discomfort in the digestive system and in many other seemingly unrelated health concerns. Having worked in this area for a number of years, I can help eradicate them safely, naturally and for good.” Find out more about Joanna's natural treatment approach at

To book a free phone discussion with Ms. Sochan, find out more about the D. fragilis or Blastocystis parasites, and check out the natural gut cleanse program she is offering, clients can call 0412 130 401 or book online at[email protected]/bookings/

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