How to Target Your Perfect Customer for Less Marketing Dollars 03/25/2021

Mar 24, 2021

Busibox Solutions “Street Smart Funnel Service” Helps Business Owners Target Their Perfect Customer.

Customers looking for the latest marketing tools such as Street Smart Lead Gen Funnels Service will soon be able to get involved with Busibox Solutions. Today Michael Gilbert, CEO at Busibox Solutions releases details of the new Street Smart Funnel Service’s development.

The Street Smart Funnel Service is designed to appeal specifically to Business Owners and includes:

Busibox Marketing Funnel – We help business owners get more hot leads immediately. This is great news for business owners as more hot leads mean more paying customers while eliminating tire kickers. Instead of calling cold leads and chasing customers, they chase you.

Imagine 10,000 cars driving by a billboard every day. How many are really your customer? Probably very few. With the Street Smart Funnel System business owners will have customers calling them instead of cold calling.

For one insurance business owner, Greg, he was able to have 17 new customers in less than 1 week by being extremely specific about his perfect customer with the help of Busibox Solutions “Street Smart Funnel Service”.

One question Michael answers all the time is, “Will this work for my business?”

“It works for absolutely any business. We walk the client through a deep dive into what or who their perfect customer is. It’s that simple” stated Mr. Gilbert.

Facebook Business Management – This was made part of the service to help business owners target their specific perfect customer on Facebook. With billions of people on Facebook, it’s still the number one platform for business ads. Customers who invest in the service should enjoy this feature because: By targeting specific, perfect customers, tire kickers are eliminated and you only talk to hot leads and close more deals faster.

Facebook Ad Spend – Busibox Solutions made sure to make this part of the Street Smart Funnel Service by using Facebook experts: we’ll help manage your ad spend directed at your perfect customer. Customers of the Street Smart Funnel Service will likely appreciate this because it eliminates wasted ad money targeting a broad list with little results. This helps business owners spend the right amount for the perfect customer. How much are you wasting in marketing dollars with zero to little results?

Michael Gilbert, when asked about the Street Smart Funnel Service said:

“We help businesses get more paying customers faster by targeting your perfect customer.”

This is the latest offering from Busibox Solutions and Michael Gilbert is particularly excited about this launch because it allows business owners to realize immediate results in the form of hot leads wanting to do business with you instead of you chasing them.

Those interested in learning more about Busibox Solutions and their Street Smart Funnel Service can do so on the website at

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