How To Stop Bone Loss? ARX Resistance Training In Nashville Improves Bone Density

Dec 1, 2022

Are you wanting to build bone density and muscle mass with minimum time and effort? Then contact Quantify Fitness (615-697-3481) today and discover this Nashville gym’s cutting-edge Adaptive Resistance Exercise (ARX) technology.

How To Stop Bone Loss? ARX Resistance Training In Nashville Improves Bone Density

If you reside in Nashville and want an advanced resistance training system scientifically proven to boost bone density and build muscle better than traditional training methods, then Adaptive Resistance Exercise (ARX) is for you!

ARX is a ground-breaking fitness technology offered at the revolutionary gym, Quantify Fitness, and is a perfect training option if your goal is to prevent bone and muscle loss associated with getting older.

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The reality is that skeletal muscle mass, quality, and strength diminish with age, leading to a loss of bone density. In fact, an estimated 44 million Americans suffer from low bone density and over 10 million are plagued by osteoporosis. Furthermore, osteoporosis-related bone breaks in the US amount to an eye-watering $19 billion annually.

However, research shows that this natural bone degeneration can be countered with resistance exercises like bodyweight exercises, weightlifting, pilates, gymnastics...and ARX. But studies indicate that ARX is the most efficient and effective of all of these resistance training methods.

ARX harnesses the power of technology by offering you as the user computer-controlled, motorized resistance which perfectly accommodates your force output, measuring it throughout your entire range of motion.

A major benefit of enjoying ARX technology is that real results can be achieved in as little as ten minutes a week. Other advantages include optimal mechanical tension and weight loading, safety, convenience, and ease of use.

About Quantify Fitness

Established in 2016, Quantify Fitness utilizes the latest science and innovations to provide quick but effective workouts. The technology used includes ARX, AllCore360°, CAROL, Vasper, Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna, and NeurOptimal Neurofeedback. This smart gym has also been rated one of the best gyms in Nashville by the local online publication Nashville Guru®.

A satisfied client said: “My first workout at Quantify Fitness was as effective as I had imagined. Nashvillians are fortunate to have access to advanced technology such as ARX and Vasper by choosing this forward-thinking gym.”

Go to today to discover the most streamlined and stress-free way to improve your bone density and muscle mass.

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