How To Sponsor The Education Of An Orphan And Help Them Build A Better Tomorrow

Jan 14, 2018

The Bradford charity Save The Mother’s Trust is running an orphan sponsorship scheme which allows people in the UK to help children access the education they need to create a better future for themselves and their community.

The popular Bradford based charity Save The Mother’s Trust is running an orphan sponsorship scheme that allows the British public to give back and provide an orphan with an education for only £25 a month.

More information is available at

Save The Mother’s Trust is a famous Bradford based charity providing people around UK the opportunity to make a difference and assist those less fortunate around the world in their quest for a better life.

The famous UK charity is now running an orphan sponsorship scheme which intends to provide orphans in impoverished African and South Asian communities with an education and a real shot at employment and self-sufficiency.

With new scheme, sponsors can give back to those who lack the support of a mother and father through no fault of their own and equip them with the means to create a better future for themselves and their community, for only £25 a month.

All the orphans are selected and accompanied by a team of Save The Mother’s Trust volunteers currently on site, who make sure the child stays in school and 100% of the donation is actually going into their education.

The program is one of many education initiatives by Save the Mother’s Trust and will play an integral part in its mission to eradicate illiteracy and the poverty and oppression it breeds in a community.

It joins the ongoing support the charity is offering 42 schools and 3500+ students around Africa and the Middle East, its highly successful ‘Educate Ghana’ project which provided schools to small village near lake Volta and an orphanage in Obomen or its current plan to build an accommodation and education center for orphans.

The Save The Mother’s Trust explains that “this orphan scheme is designed to assist orphans in the long term via the provision of education. We believe this is a crucial element for children to become self-sufficient and build a future for themselves and their own, yet sadly in many parts of the world it has become a luxury.”

To donate to this orphan sponsorship scheme and find out more about the charity’s ongoing efforts to eradicate illiteracy and provide a future for children in hardship, the public can visit

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