Help African & Asian Underprivileged Communities By Donating To World Of Water Fundraising Programme

Dec 12, 2017

Bradford-based charity organization Save The Mothers Trust launched World of Water, a fundraising programme aiming to improve the drinking water systems in underprivileged communities in Africa and Asia. Donations can be made through the charity’s official website.

Save The Mothers Trust, a humanitarian organization based in Bradford, launched the World of Water project to raise funds to provide clean drinking water for disadvantaged families in Africa and Asia. The campaign is part of the company’s larger efforts to improve living conditions for underprivileged communities throughout the world.

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According to the UK charity, approximately 25% of all deaths before the age of five are caused by water-related diseases. Not only is finding clean water a problem in many areas, but access to any water supply is often impractical, many women and children walking an average of 6 kilometers to find drinking water.

Save The Mothers Trust (SMT) has been active in West Africa since 2004, excavating more than 150 wells to provide clean water to numerous communities. The charity’s efforts also include implementing water purification projects, mobilising the local community and raising awareness of the issue in the international community.

World of Water aims to continue the fundraising efforts begun by SMT by encouraging the UK and international communities to donate as little as £3.00. UK residents can also opt for the Gift Aid option, increasing the value of their donations by 25% at no additional costs.

The recent campaign is part of the company’s efforts to help underprivileged communities in Africa and Asia improve their living conditions by contributing to better drinking water systems and modern healthcare facilities.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Our aim is to work around the world providing emergency relief with long term aftercare, especially in those areas that do not get very much media coverage. The SM Trust goal is to set-up life sustaining projects to provide food packs and clean water to people in need around the world.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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