How To Get Rid Of Mold? Call The Best Experts In Park City For An Inspection!

May 4, 2021

Looking for the best mold inspection services in Park City? Call Bio Clean of Utah and let their trained technicians conduct a thorough inspection of your home to evaluate the mold issues.

If you noticed some suspicious stains on your walls, you need to call professional mold inspectors. Bio Clean of Utah has trained technicians ready to thoroughly inspect your Park City home for mold!

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The company offers reliable diagnosis and evaluation of potential mold issues. Their technicians are trained and equipped with the necessary technology and tools to provide a thorough inspection.

Mold can cause health issues, especially if you have allergies or health issues like asthma. Professionals specializing in mold, recommend getting an inspection if you find visible questionable growth or stains or if you notice a musty or earthy odor in your house. A professional mold inspection will help evaluate any stains for possible mold growth.

The technicians at Bio Clean investigate all staining, cracking, peeling, bubbling, and swelling to determine the possibility of mold growth on all surfaces, including not readily accessible ones. They determine the likely moisture source of water damage and the extent of mold growth. A professional inspection is the most efficient and affordable way to determine whether there is mold in your house.

In case mold is found and needs to be removed, the company takes the necessary measures to clean up the affected areas. They contain the area to prevent further spreading, remove contaminated materials, neutralize and clean the areas with EPA-approved chemicals, and if necessary apply an antimicrobial coating to prevent recolonization.

Recently, the company helped a client who had purchased a new home that had mold in two rooms. The cleanup ended up costing $9,000 after the removal of kitchen counters and hardwood floors that were affected by mold.

With the newly expanded line of mold inspection services, the company seeks to further its mission to provide the most advanced and reliable mold inspection and removal solutions to clients in Park City.

Bio Clean of Utah is an award-winning damage restoration company specializing in mold testing, inspection, and removal, fire and water damage repair, blood removal, and crime scene cleanup. You can find out more at

A satisfied client said: “I had a bad mold problem because I had a slow leak that I didn’t worry about for years. I called Bio Clean, and they sent people right out. I was very pleased with how smooth and well the process went.”

Bio Clean of Utah specializes in offering reliable and professional mold inspection you can trust — call them today at 801-335-3227 for a mold inspection!

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