What’s The Best Mold Removal Service In Lehi, UT? Get Expert Home Remediation

Oct 4, 2022

Bio Clean of Utah, available at +1-801-335-3227, is there to help whenever you need mold removal and remediation. Give them a call today!

What’s The Best Mold Removal Service In Lehi, UT? Get Expert Home Remediation

Mold in the home is often hard to detect, but when you find an issue, it’s important to talk to an expert. Bio Clean of Utah is here to help with any problem you have!

You're encouraged to get in touch whenever you're worried about mold in your property. The expert technicians provide inspection, testing, and complete removal to neutralize and clean any space.

Visit https://biocleanofutah.com for more info!

One of their recent jobs involved the removal of mold from multiple locations throughout a Lehi, Utah home. The property in question had a shower with a bench inside where the caulking was not complete, causing leaking under the seat.

Over time, this led to the floor becoming rotten and multiple mold locations developing. The insurance company sent in preferred vendors who couldn’t locate the additional areas of mold.

After a stressful experience with the insurance company, the client was able to connect with Bio Clean of Utah. The experienced specialists quickly fixed the issue and the family was able to live in comfort again.

Professional mold removal is important because many are toxic and produce mycotoxins. These can cause severe health issues if they’re not dealt with.

Even with less harmful mold development, potential issues include the development of coughs, throat irritation, sneezing, and respiratory problems.

Bio Clean of Utah understands the importance of quick and efficient service and takes pride in restoring your home to a healthy and comfortable level.

The mold remediation process begins with the containment of the areas in question. The specialist team will then remove the contaminated materials, and neutralize and clean the area, with thorough attention to detail.

Experts in mold removal help to ensure that it doesn’t return after cleaning has been completed. You receive an in-depth assessment that forms the foundation of a complete mold removal and remediation service.

A spokesperson for the company says of their service: “If you have mold or believe you have mold, an inspection is a beginning point. For a nominal fee, we can come on-site and perform an inspection, taking into consideration the history of the property, current dampness, the moisture source, affected materials, and suspected affected areas.”

If you're worried about mold in your home, don't hesitate to get in touch. The experts will be there fast!

Go to https://biocleanofutah.com/mold-removal-guidelines for all the details you need!

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