How To Detect Oral Cancer Earlier

Aug 24, 2022

Learn how Carolina Family Dentistry helps detect early signs of oral cancer

How To Detect Oral Cancer Earlier

Oral Cancer can surprise many people, especially if they don't take the necessary precautions to prevent it. In a new post published by Carolina Family Dentistry, readers can better understand how to care for their teeth and prevent oral cancer. Readers can find the full article here.

Oral cancer is highly unrecognizable; many people are unaware of its effects. Carolina Family Dentistry defines oral cancer as: "A type of cancer that develops in the mouth and throat. This includes the tongue, cheeks, lips, hard and soft palate, and sinuses."

More common in individuals over 40, oral cancer is primarily caused by tobacco use. However, other causes include sun exposure and HPV infections. Studies have also shown that nearly 54,000 people in the United States have been diagnosed with oral cancer.

Oral cancer is detected during routine appointments. Dental hygienists are trained to spot early detection during each visit. Some early detection includes:

   •White or red patches in the mouth.

   •Lumps in the mouth, lips, and throat.

   •Thick patches in the mouth, lips, or throat.

   •Changes to the shape of the mouth or jaw.

   •Sore spots in the mouth, throat, or lips.

   •Trouble speaking, swallowing, or chewing.

   •Numbness in the mouth or on the tongue.

   •Ear pain.

It is essential to schedule regular visits to ensure the prevention of oral cancer. These frequent screenings will increase the likelihood of catching any developing cancers early.

Carolina Family Dentistry is proud to offer regular oral cancer screenings. Each screening helps ensure the prevention and treatment of oral cancer.

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