How To Apply For Google Screened Green Badge: Best Marketing Tips For Attorneys

Dec 2, 2022

Do you want to stand out from the other service providers in your area? Getting the stamp of approval from Google through the Google Screened process is key – and this guide shows you how!

How To Apply For Google Screened Green Badge: Best Marketing Tips For Attorneys

Google has become synonymous with search to the point that the brand is a verb - so getting verified by the platform is huge. That’s what’s on offer with Google Screened, and this guide from Scott Hall teaches you exactly how to apply!

Scott educates entrepreneurs and small business owners on the most effective marketing practices for today’s digital landscape. His guide covers the primary objectives of Google Screened, how to market effectively using it, and the differences between Google Screened and Google Guaranteed.

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By implementing the best practices outlined in the guide, you can build a stronger online presence and grow your brand awareness.

Scott Hall explains that Google conducts thorough background checks to verify local service providers and confirm that they have all the required permits and insurance. The badge also takes into account your company’s reputation as a means of connecting consumers to service providers more accurately.

With industry research showing that businesses have three seconds to convert a prospect, Scott Hall offers actionable tips for staying updated with your digital communications. He recommends creating an all-inclusive marketing strategy and building mobile-optimized, engaging websites and advertising campaigns.

The guide underscores that combining this with Google Screened verification provides a way for you to leverage your relationship with Google to achieve your growth goals. The search engine has an established, trustworthy reputation, and its badge of approval can help to drive more leads.

Scott explains that Google Screened is available for tax professionals, accountants, financial planners, real estate agents, and attorneys. Once selected, you have more prominent ads displayed for you - with positioning at the top of search engine results.

The guide also elaborates on the application process for you to follow in order to qualify for Google Screened. This includes signing up for Google Local Service Ads, maintaining a 3-star reputation on Google Reviews, and passing the required background checks.

Scott states: “Before awarding candidates the Google green checkmark badge, also known as the ‘Badge of Trust’ from Google Screened, the program's objective is to pre-screen applicants. This symbol indicates that a local company has met Google's screening standards and is now regarded as a Google-trusted provider.”

Are you looking for a roadmap to follow to secure your verified badge? Read the full guide today!

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