How Professional Pipeline Management Exposes Independent Sponsors To More Deals

May 24, 2023

OutFlow empowers independent sponsors with professional pipeline management services to improve the deal sourcing process. OutFlow sources and delivers qualified in-market prospects, maximizing opportunities and driving results.

Most independent sponsors say one of the biggest challenges they're facing in today's competitive M&A landscape is deal flow.

This is where OutFlow comes in.

OutFlow is revolutionizing deal origination by combining a team of experts with powerful data mining strategies to maximize your pipeline and improve transaction proficiencies. They exist for one reason: To help you close deals.

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It's easy to overestimate the power of your personal network and its associated reach but the truth is, no one individual can compete with today's data mining efficiencies.

With their remarkable reach and pipeline management expertise, OutFlow helps you navigate today's complex environment more effectively. They'll help you fortify your prospect pipeline by connecting you with a consistent volume of exclusive, off-market deal opportunities, or their services are free.

OutFlow pairs data-based deal origination with a team of experts who personally evaluate potential opportunities. They'll make contact with qualified prospects on your behalf to set up a meeting or a conversation, and provide you with up-to-date company information so you can enter talks with everything you need to explore and close the deals you're after.

“We help independent sponsors and firms find quality opportunities on a consistent basis through intentional, customized deal sourcing solutions,” says a company spokesperson. “OutFlow taps into exclusive opportunities, saving the sponsor time and labor while exposing them to more deals, faster.”

Over 200 professionals in the M&A space have partnered with OutFlow, which to date has sourced over 10,000 off-market, exclusive deals for their clients, creating an overall pipeline value of $25.5 billion.

The process begins with a deal sourcing strategy. The OutFlow team will meet with you to develop a strategy based on your ideal targets and other criteria. They will secure exclusive conversations with in-market deal prospects that align with your objectives.

OutFlow’s in-house data mining team and data platform work together to generate fresh, accurate and timely deal prospect information that not only introduces you to hundreds of opportunities but also delivers valuable marketplace insights.

You can expect a specific number of meetings or conversations with qualified deal opportunities that have been sourced, screened and secured by OutFlow, or there’s no charge for their services.

One of OutFlow's clients says, “We received 171 appointments over 130 days with a 100% conversion rate from response to appointment. This allowed us to concentrate on high-priority acquisition targets. OutFlow manages all our queries and appointments so we can focus our time on business development.”

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