How Genetic Testing For Weight Loss Can Help You Solve All Your Weight Problems

Oct 22, 2016

Discover how genetic testing of certain DNA traits relevant to weight loss can tell you precisely how your body responds to certain foods and exercises and help you turn all your weight loss efforts around by investing on what actually works.

The popular A Well Run Life announced the launch of its premier and highly effective weight loss programs drawing on precise and detailed genetic testing to provide specific food, diet and exercise recommendations tailored for each unique genetic makeup.

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The A Well Run Life is an acclaimed and innovative health and wellness company based in Chandler, Arizona, and established in 2014 by the renowned nutrition health coach, expert and author, Peter M. Deeley Jr., committed to helping people lose weight and establish a happier healthier lifestyle.

The business has now announced the launch of its premier DNA-based weight loss programs using an analysis of 48 different genetic markers related to weight loss to deliver the optimal food, nutrient and exercise recommendations based on each client’s unique genetic profile and the specific information on how it influences the body’s response to certain foods or types of exercise.

The genetic analysis delivered by A Well Run Life focuses on 16 genetic traits relevant for weight loss divided in four major categories including weight loss ability, macronutrients in the diet, micronutrients in the diet and response to exercise. Drawing on the largest and most scientifically valid genome-wide association studies, the test also provides a score for each trait which reflects the potential influence of that gene or gene combination on their weight loss efforts.

More information on the A Well Run Life genetic testing driven weight loss programs delivered out of their office in Chandler, Arizona, or remotely, including details on the process and the genetic traits or categories analyzed and the recommendations provided in each test along with the company’s full range of leading weight loss and management programs, counselling and coaching can be consulted on the website link provided above or at

The A Well Run Life founder Peter M. Deeley Jr. explains that “we are very excited to bring this level of precision to A Well Run Life’s weight loss programs. Understanding how a person’s genes inform their optimal food and exercise choices is a fantastically sensitive and powerful tool that will help our clients yield the results they want. Especially people who feel they have tried everything or been perplexed with why other strategies have not worked for them”.

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