Lose Weight Through Carefully Managed Diet Plans Whole Food Benefits Detoxify Program Launched

Oct 22, 2016

Lose weight fast and manage your health through carefully crafted meal plans in the new weight loss and general wellness program launched by A Well Run Life, called Taste Bud Boot Camp.

A new healthy eating plan has been launched to help people lose weight through changing their diet. Created by A Well Run Life, the innovative health and wellness company, it runs for 10 days and can be accessed online. It focuses on the food choices people make and meal planning to ensure a healthy, balanced diet and careful management of calories to help promote better health and faster weight loss.

More information can be found on the Taste Bud Boot Camp page at: http://a-well-run-life.thinkific.com/courses/taste-bud-boot-camp.

Established in 2014, A Well Run Life is dedicated to helping people lose weight and get control of their health. It prides itself on helping people to live happy lives and become more content with their bodies. It has created a wide range of programs for helping people to achieve their health goals, and Taste Bud Boot Camp is the latest.

A Well Run Life explains that the Taste Bud Boot Camp is not a program designed to starve the enlistees taking part, but rather to show that whole foods can act as detoxifying medicine for the body. It says that in the modern day, people's bodies are under assault from processed food, and healthy whole foods can be a way to combat this.

On the A Well Run Life website, visitors can discover how the company believes that proper nourishment is the foundation of good health. They say that food is either someone’s best medicine or slowest poison.

It was the mission to help people get proper nourishment that inspired the company to create The Taste Bud Boot Camp. It is described as a whole food program in which, for ten days, participants carefully plan and prepare how they eat. It provides an opportunity for participants to create and develop new habits, which they can then maintain to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Peter Deeley said: "The Taste Bud Boot Camp gives a comprehensive roadmap to lose weight and get healthier in ten days. Experts from many fields have contributed to the program and elements of humor have also been incorporated into its structure."

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