Leadership Miracle by Author Peter Deeley Released On Ending Fruitless Anger Quell Tempest To Be North Star For Others

Oct 22, 2016

Author Peter M. Deeley, Jr., has released his new book “The Leadership Miracle.” The 35-minute audiobook encourages people to deeply know themselves, how their speech and actions affect the world and it highlights spiritual leadership qualities.

Author Peter M. Deeley, Jr., has released his new 35-minute audiobook “The Leadership Miracle.” The audiobook highlights spiritual leadership qualities and focuses on the premise that the time of fruitless anger must pass. It provides readers guidance on how to lead from a place of humility and grace.

More information on Author Peter M. Deeley Jr., and the audiobook “The Leadership Miracle” is available at: http://theleadershipmiracle.com.

Throughout the world powerful leaders have shaped history, and according to Live Science a select few have the distinction of changing the world. It lists five influential leaders who share that honor including Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Abraham Lincoln.

Powerful leaders have shaped the world for the better, but as history has shown the power to influence others can be used to have the direct opposite effect and can be used for harm and destruction. Examples of these types of leaders include Ho Chi Minh, Benito Mussolini, Kim Il-Sung, Josef Stalin and Adolf Hitler.

Author Deeley's new book "The Leadership Miracle" focuses on encouraging people to deeply know themselves and how their speech and actions affect the world. It says that to lead, people must quell the tempest inside. It is described as part poem, part essay and part prayer.

In describing what people are searching for, the book says that people look to the North Star - not the wind - for guidance. It says power is in the still, small, calm and clear voice of God within and that people will quietly find their voice.

Deeley said he hopes to influence how people talk to each other and that the book will encourage a return to a more polite and ordered conversation that allows for a greater number of voices to enter the discussions and debates of critically important times.

"The Leadership Miracle" was written to encourage more effective, gentle public conversation. Deeley said his mother, poet Lois Roma-Deeley, helped shaped the creation of the book by creating an environment that valued language as he grew up.

“The attentiveness with which the family in which I was raised asked for opinions and insights created whatever skills I have in language today,” Deeley said.

The book is available on Audible and Blurb. Additional information on Author Peter M. Deeley, Jr., and "The Leadership Miracle" can be found at: http://awellrunlife.com.

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