How Do I Improve My Faith? New Christian Prophecy Book Offer Lessons From Jesus

Apr 8, 2023

“The World in Transition – Messages from Jesus” by Albert J. Fike is now available as a German paperback! The book published by Divine Love Sanctuary offers 20 spiritual lessons spoken by Jesus Himself.

How Do I Improve My Faith? New Christian Prophecy Book Offer Lessons From Jesus

Has your faith been struggling lately? Have your prayers been less enthusiastic of late and more similar to begging? If so, you are not alone. A lot of us have been wondering how to deal with the current times, and if God really hears us.

He does and He affirms this with our newest book. 

Written through the mediumship of Albert J. Fike, “The World in Transition – Messages from Jesus” is the latest best-selling book by Divine Love Sanctuary. Now, it can be appreciated in its German translation thanks to Helge and Henning Mercker who diligently ensured that the words of Jesus were correctly translated into easy-to-read stories.

Grab your copy today at 

The new translation offers the same messages of love and hope – especially during these troubling times. According to Fike, Jesus spoke through him to warn of false prophets and to deliver 20 lessons that you can learn to ease your journey for the next few years. The goal, Jesus says, is to have more people pray and have faith that the Lord and Savior will always watch over them.

The book comes at an apt time, as emerging data notes a rapidly decreasing number of people who believe in any type of religion. As people question their faith and proclaim themselves to be atheists or agnostics, the faithful are called to spread the messages of God. This includes encouraging consistent prayer and maintaining faith despite the challenging times.

Fike clarifies that his book was the culmination of six months’ worth of spiritual teachings, spread over 20 lessons, given by Christ himself. From the very beginning, Fike was told by Jesus to write a book about what he would learn so that others would understand that they are not alone, as long as they continue to believe in one God.

The lessons range from simple to profound, but with the same underlying message of love. Fike says that Jesus wants society to tap into this universal emotion to heal themselves and the world.

Our company spokesperson said, "Change is coming to our world. A change so profound and powerful that every one of us needs to prepare for what is coming. This book, essentially written by Jesus through the mediumship of Albert J. Fike, part prophesies and part spiritual teachings."

Let your faith guide you through these desperate times. Read our book to learn how to make it easier. Go to so you can learn more. 

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