How Do Accounting & Bookkeeping Services For Small Businesses Work: 2023 Guide

Sep 20, 2023

If you own a small business and are unclear about whether you need a bookkeeper or an accountant, read this new Trustway Accounting guide.

What are the main differences between bookkeepers and accountants? How can you decide which would be the best option for your situation? These are the exact questions that Trustway Accounting is here to answer.

To do so, it has released a guide comparing and contrasting the services offered by bookkeepers and accountants. The guide discusses financial planning, budgeting, tax strategy, payroll, and other areas of financial management related to bookkeeping and accounting services for small businesses like yours.

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With a growing demand for bookkeeping and accounting services in the USA, it’s natural to be unsure about which service best suits your needs. Don’t worry - this guide highlights the functions they share while examining the significant differences in the complexity and scope of their work.

Scope of Work

Trustway Tax & Accounting notes that bookkeepers focus on day-to-day financial transactions and reviewing financial records. In contrast, accountants provide more comprehensive services, including financial analysis, budgeting, strategic tax advice, and auditing. Accountants typically charge more than bookkeepers for their broader scope of services.


Furthermore, the guide highlights that while bookkeepers and accountants are usually certified, accountants are likelier to have other qualifications, such as an undergraduate or graduate degree.

If your small business chooses the wrong type of service, you may be paying too much or receiving inadequate solutions. The guide explains that using an accountant for bookkeeping tasks may cost more than necessary, while using a bookkeeper for specialized accounting tasks may result in costly mistakes!

Key Considerations

The guide also aims to shed some light on whether you need bookkeeping or accounting services based on factors such as your business’s age, growth trajectory, and the complexity of your financial needs.

With the release of this guide, Trustway Tax & Accounting continues to serve clients like you across Alabama, offering you proactive advice on financial and tax management while promoting fit-for-purpose financial solutions.

So, bookkeeper or accountant - which will it be?

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