How Blockchain Ecosystems will be the Saviour of Local Businesses

Jun 25, 2018

The primary goal of FlipNpik is to contribute to the improvement of local economies and to promote the circuits of local and responsible consumption.

In today’s economy, trends towards globalisation and the centralisation of wealth have resulted in the decline of small local businesses. FlipNpik intends to drastically alter this by fundamentally changing the way in which local businesses engage with customers. FlipNpik will be a new social media platform which will utilise new blockchain technologies enabling them to reinvent and develop new ecosystems where the creation of value is generated between consumers and businesses.

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FlipNpik is inspired by existing participatory economic models and proposes an Ecosystem that favours the creation and sharing of value in the service of local businesses. Their vision extends to allow local businesses to create and retain a strong position at the heart of their social scene, combined with control over not only their reputation but digital identity.

This revolutionary platform will use what is termed a 360-degree Collaborative Model. This model privileges local economic growth as opposed to corporate growth and encourages interactions between the consumer and the merchant.

Users who contribute to the value creation by enhancing businesses’ visibility through various actions will be justly rewarded by receiving Flip Social. Flip Social is a utility token and can be used to benefit from instantaneous promotions, to discover and obtain products or to simply be entertained by available games on the platform.

By participating and engaging value-creators, both the consumer or the merchant, will therefore contribute directly to the economic growth within their own neighbourhood and benefit from the value created in the Ecosystem.

The major issue present to most local businesses today is visibility. Traffic in commercial areas are on a steady decrease and a business’s digital footprint now represents a majority of their ability to discover and attract new customers.

The significant disparity that exists in modern social networks derives from offering visibility to businesses with large purchasing power. Local businesses simply lack the budget to stand up on these modern platforms.

This is where FlipNpik is truly revolutionary as they have integrated multiple new technologies and have adopted and will become the first Collaborative Social Media Network dedicated to local businesses.

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