Houston Chiropractic Business Broker Offers Buying, Selling & Financing Support

Apr 15, 2024

The chiropractic business brokers at Progressive Practice Sales (888-508-9197) are now bringing buyers and sellers in Houston their chiropractic industry knowledge, market valuations and sales negotiation expertise.

Forbes, Chiropractic Economics, The American Chiropractor and countless state-wide chiropractic associations agree that Progressive Practice Sales and their revolutionary brokerage model are the only way to buy and sell chiropractic businesses.

Before you decide to buy or sell, go to https://www.progressivepracticesales.com/ to see how Progressive Practice Sales is helping people in Houston get the best guidance and industry expertise as they navigate this complex process.

Houston’s Newest & Best Chiropractic Business Broker

Progressive Practice Sales is pleased to be expanding services across Texas and they are confident that they can help you to either find the perfect buyer for your clinic or find the perfect clinic to buy.

Progressive Practice Sales appreciates that in Texas’ biggest city, the chiropractic industry is a competitive and high-priced one, with some of the city’s bigger practices worth up to $1 million. 

That’s why the team at Progressive Practice Sales is pleased to be offering you their specialist market expertise. Because the process of valuing a chiropractic business is complex, they can help buyers and sellers alike with their quality valuations and sales negotiation and management services. 

Are You Looking To Sell?

On the seller’s side, their team is confident that they can capture the most value in your practice sale and get you the most buyer exposure. If you wish to sell your clinic, Progressive Practice Sales can offer you a full sales management and support service, which includes:

  • advertising and marketing your property,
  • managing buyer inquiries
  • and negotiating on your behalf. 

A spokesperson for the brokers said, “Partner with the leading team in chiropractic practice sales to get your clinic sale across the finish line. With a stellar reputation, cutting-edge marketing, and a laser-focused approach, our hands-on team of specialists can help you find your perfect buyer and step into the next stage of your life.” 

Or Is It Time To Buy?

On the buyer’s side, the experienced team at Progressive Practice Sales can:

  • help you identify the right practice for your ownership goals, experience, interests, and more,
  • negotiate down prices for you
  • and assist you with securing financing through their network of lenders. 

Progressive Practice Sales: Smart Sales Strategies For Big Investments

Progressive Practice Sales, which was founded almost a decade ago, is pleased to now be working in Houston and to be bringing you their cumulative experience from the sale of over 300 chiropractic practices. To date, they boast a 99.9% successful funding rate for qualified buyers and a 50% faster closing time than the industry average.

Whether you’re buying or selling, Progressive Practice Sales knows it is a big decision. Make it with confidence with their expert help at https://www.progressivepracticesales.com/

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