Hope Rising Offers SEL-Based Lessons For Reduced Misbehavior & Improved Grades

Oct 6, 2022

As a school supervisor or parent, you know the pandemic did a number on the kids in your care – because it impacted you too! As if kids aren’t fragile enough to begin with! Call Hope Rising (405-676-4140) and let the children thrive again!

Hope Rising Offers SEL-Based Lessons For Reduced Misbehavior & Improved Grades

You care about all the kids. And the community. But even one ‘bad apple’ can ruin the learning and growing process for everyone. You want the kids in your care to learn how to make decisions about themselves in a nurturing environment.

Now there’s hope!

Hope Rising’s ‘My Best Me’ Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum for students of all grade levels reflects kids’ post-pandemic concerns, anxieties, and behavioral triggers. The course of study, intended for one hour per week, helps children navigate emotional difficulties in an open, safe, and respectful learning environment.

You can learn more at https://hoperisingsel.com/the-case-for-sel

The organization has made its lesson plans, which are replete with multimedia options, available in both digital and hard-copy formats. Since SEL acknowledges and focuses attention on your students’ pain points, it has proven effective in reducing misbehavior – and improving overall class performance. In fact, 93% of teachers surveyed want SEL to be given more attention in schools because they are aware of the positive effects it has on children’s academic performance, classroom behavior, and school-related attitudes.

SEL is fundamentally the process by which all children and adults learn and apply the knowledge, abilities, and values necessary to forge positive identities, control emotions, and accomplish individual and group objectives. It also encourages individuals to feel and express empathy for others, build and sustain supportive relationships, and make caring decisions. With the help of SEL, schools can better collaborate with families and community partners to establish common priorities and align practices between diverse settings where your students live and learn.

The lesson modules contained in Hope Rising’s curriculum are enriched by the science of hope, an evidence-backed field of research that demonstrates how individuals who have experienced trauma can ‘bounce back’ and thrive.

The five pillars of SEL embraced by Hope Rising’s curriculum include self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making. Self-awareness is the cornerstone, without which the other skills cannot be learned, and requires having the capacity to identify one’s feelings, thoughts, and how they affect behavior.

The ability to regulate one’s behavior in pursuit of certain individual goals is set in the context of the wider social network – where an individual’s aspirations can be informed and facilitated by constructive participation in the community. The ability to listen, empathize, and ‘put oneself in the other person’s shoes is considered key to building a strong character and strengthening your students’ identities.

How does all this help you – as a parent, teacher, school supervisor, or board member? You can look at one simple metric: Cost-benefit analysis shows how effective SEL initiatives are. According to one university report that looked at six SEL programs, they had an average return on investment of 11 to 1, or $11 for every dollar invested.

Go to https://hoperisingsel.com and you will see why teachers are clamoring for more SEL. It’s like ice cream for the soul! (I scream, you scream, we all scream for….!)

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