Hong Kong’s Top Independent Fashion Brand’s Modern Day Muse Campaign Attracts Top Influencers

May 6, 2020

With inspiration drawn from her travels, Emma Wallace’s designs are a unique blend of Western heritage and Eastern influence, fused with exquisite vintage elements from the 1920s and 1970s. The sophisticated fashion collections she creates, gives many the look they need to stand out from the crowd.

Since moving to Hong Kong, British born designer Emma Wallace has quickly built a strong reputation for her innovative, modern, elegant, formal yet feminine ready-to-wear pieces. Emma's website blog called The Edit is home to a growing number of insightful interviews conducted by the designer's team with influencers that elegantly define and embody the quintessential Emma Wallace Woman. To read the Modern Day Muse interviews and for more details about Emma and her collections head to the designers website.

The design team have conducted interviews with some truly exceptional fashion and lifestyle influencers from different walks of life that perfectly demonstrate what it takes to be an 'Emma Wallace Woman' and how they use their personal brand to engage with others. These modern day muses draw their inspiration from their many travels and varied life experiences. Their individual personal style reflects their passion and taste for vintage style and iconic fashion movements, but with a unique twist that is all their own.

This is why so many influencers are drawn to the collections offered by Hong Kong's best independent fashion brand and shop. Emma Wallace's collections deliver an elegant mix of bold statement pieces that are reminiscent of days gone by blended with feminine, romantic and whimsical touches. The perfect 'Emma Wallace Woman' doesn't follow the crowd. Instead, she remains effortlessly chic and will forge a path that is all her own. These strong women influencers are important to Emma Wallace and she wants to give them some well-deserved recognition through her series of interviews for her blog.

Emma appreciates these strong women because their interactions with their followers are more intimate. She understands that their followers value authenticity. These wonderful women take the time to engage and share with their followers and that is what makes a quintessential Emma Wallace Woman.

Three very notable influencers that the designer thinks perfectly personifies her brand that she wants to pay homage to are Louise Page, a top Hong Kong linguistics educator, writer, travel and lifestyle influencer. Sara Louise Waiste, a Brighton based fashion, lifestyle and beauty Blogger, and Emma Birch, a pro-disability model, body-positive content creator and diversity campaigner.

Each one of these amazing women influencers is different in their own unique way, but manage to take elements of strong, yet feminine, fashions and styles to effortlessly create their own signature statement to show to the world. These wonderful ladies perfectly embody the spirit of the Emma Wallace woman. Learn more about Emma and view all her collections by going to www.emma-wallace.com

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