Home Closet Organization Redesign Services Launched

Feb 6, 2021

We at DEA Remodeling understand fully how important storage space is to add to the highest quality of life for those that own their own home and need to be able to grow and expand as their needs in life also grow

DEA Remodeling, a closet and kitchen remodeling company based in Gilbert, AZ, launched their updated line of design and installation services. The company offers design options for kitchen, bath, closets, home storage, and more.

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The latest launch highlights the many household design options that DEA Remodeling has to offer. With professional design service options for all manner of indoor redecorating and remodeling, the company utilizes experienced designers to meet client needs.

DEA Remodeling specializes in closet remodeling. With over 30 years of closet design experience, the company can offer clients a wide selection of design styles and options. Custom closets allow clients to improve their organization according to their needs, with designs created to suit the client's requirements.

By creating a custom-designed closet, the company allows customers to redesign and reorganize their living space. The design and installation process is affordable, and the product is constructed to meet client specifications. Custom closets can be built to feature closet organizers, closet storage systems, and more.

Custom closets are available in many styles and materials. The custom closets can be designed around existing closet space, or make use of a room that doesn’t currently have walk-in space. Some options include cedar, stainless steel, and wooden fixtures.

DEA Remodelling also offers high-quality kitchen remodeling, focusing primarily on fixtures and cabinetry. The company bases their kitchen designs on up-to-date style trends and builds custom creations for their customers. Kitchen cabinets can improve the look and functionality of kitchen space, and offer additional storage.

DEA Remodelling is experienced in designing and installing many styles. Depending on customer preferences, the company can design cabinetry in styles such as classic, contemporary, minimalist, and more. Other services offered by DEA include the design and installation of home office storage, laundry cabinets, and bathroom remodeling.

The company prioritizes customer service. The design process for all remodeling projects begins with a no-obligation consultation, where the team of expert designers meet with the client and assess their remodeling needs. Following the consultation, the designers will provide clients with a free quote based on factors such as the area of the remodel, client budget, and furnishing preferences.

DEA Remodelling is a family-owned remodeling and design company based in Gilbert, AZ. With over 30 years of interior design experience, the company can offer their customers expert service at affordable prices. The designers at DEA pride themselves in providing quality work, professionalism, and competitive pricing to their customers.

A representative from the company said: “ We at DEA Remodeling view custom closet design as an art form all its own, one that we have mastered over the years with great enthusiasm. Our goal is to make every closet dream a reality.”

Interested parties can find more information at the link above.

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