Hiring a Buyer’s Agent Can Be a Huge Advantage to Buyers Especially in a Seller’s Market

May 3, 2017

Evergreen-based Skyfor INC, a real estate educator and buyer’s agent service released a quick and easily understood video on the importance of hiring a buyer’s agent when purchasing property and how to avoid the number one mistake that many other property buyers make.

  • hiring a buyer s agent can be a huge advantage to buyers especially in a seller
  • hiring a buyer s agent can be a huge advantage to buyers especially in a seller

Evergreen, Colorado-based Skyfor Inc., manager of an association of national buyer’s agents, has released a short, but informative video on why it's important to use a buyer's agent, rather than see a property with the seller's agent when buying property.

More information is available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vE2tnwMAoU.

Seeking to make the home buying experience more efficient and to possibly save property buyers time and stress when they purchase a property, Skyfor INC., has released a new video which highlights the one mistake that many home buyers make. This mistake, according to the Colorado Exclusive Buyer Agents Association can be costly in more ways than just the purchase price.

The one minute video states that when a buyer is ready to start looking for houses for sale that they need to avoid reacting emotionally. An emotional response gets triggered when buyers are just beginning their home search and are excited about being new home owners. They are eager to know the details of property they have seen from their car on the internet. This error is to see a property with the listing agent.

An association spokesperson notes a clarification in the video. It should be noted that avoiding this the mistake of buying a property directly from the listing agent COULD save consumers thousands of dollars but does NOT guarantee it. The Treasurer of the Colorado Association states that "It is not uncommon for listing agents to cut their commission, or offer designated agency when they can make money on both the buy and sell side of an in-house listing. But at that point, the consumer may no longer have an advocate who is 100% on their side at the negotiating table. The buyer must ask themselves if saving a percent or two on an agent commission is worth giving up the advocacy and protection offered by a fully dedicated buyer's agent."

So, rather than turning to a listing agent, home buyers need to consider which agent has the best ability to search for, evaluate and negotiate the price of property. While many buyers think all real estate agents have these skills, dedicated buyers agents are more likely to have greater expertise, experience, and skill on the buying side of the transaction.

Skyfor empowers home buyers to make informed decisions whether buying a dwelling to live in or an investment property. As a result, they provide real estate consumers with many educational videos, articles, and podcasts., They also offer lists of suggested local buyer agents in any city in the US, so that home buyers can buy with confidence with a professional by their side.

When asked about the buyer's agent video, a spokesperson for Skyfor said, “Many property buyers don't think about getting a real estate agent until they become interested in a property. However, the choice of a good agent should be one of the first things to do in the home-buying process, prior to getting out and looking at properties. There is no cost to interview agents. When consumers line up a buyer's agent to represent them, they have an advocate dedicated to their best interests. Buyers agents can even help consumers pick from a list of high quality local lenders. Particularly in a seller's market, where just getting the winning bid on a property is challenging, having a buyer-side specialist is a huge advantage."

To find out more about Skyfor INC., and their buyer's agent video call 303 670 0246 or visit http://buyeragentsearch.com.

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