Hire MEAN Stack Engineers For Startups With Best US Nearshore Staffing Company

Feb 3, 2023

Parallel Staff connects you with the best IT talent in Latin America – hire nearshore MEAN stack developers quickly and at a fraction of the cost.

Hire MEAN Stack Engineers For Startups With Best US Nearshore Staffing Company

Outsourcing your IT staff is an excellent way to augment your workforce, scale, and expand your business.

But long recruitment processes, time zone differences, and language barriers can massively impact your productivity and bottom line.

With Parallel Staff, you can be connected with highly skilled MEAN stack developers and other IT engineers from time zones that overlap with yours.

More details at https://parallelstaff.com/nearshore-staff-augmentation

According to Forbes, some of the most common challenges associated with offshore outsourcing include language barriers, time zones, and cultural differences. This often leads to a slow work pace, unproductivity, and inefficiency.

With Parallel Staff, you can recruit experienced developers from Latin America, all of whom have gone through a vetting process to ensure English language proficiency. Additionally, all software developers have a minimum of five years of experience in at least three related technologies.

The company's recruitment process lasts 5 to 10 days, which is a major benefit when you need to hire and onboard staff within a short time. Its team provides support through the onboarding process to ensure seamless integration of your new team members. The company's engineers also have valid passports and tourist visas, so you can always host them for onboarding, on-site projects, and extended assignments.

Parallel Staff's nearshore solutions are also a great way for you to eliminate overhead and other job ad or headhunter costs. And when you're running a startup, every penny counts!

About the Company

Parallel Staff provides US organizations with top IT talent from Latin America. The company has years of experience helping startups scale up and expand their talent pool easily. Along with nearshore staff augmentation, they offer nearshore dedicated team and software development

A representative said, "At Parallel Staff, we believe that IT talent doesn’t depend on geography. We also believe qualified software engineers, designers, developers, and QA professionals can help organizations scale quickly. As such, our partnership can provide IT talent at attainable costs."

So to recap: you get top talent - experienced and thoroughly vetted, you cut your recruitment time, and you get people who can work in your time zone and speak native-level English - all that at the fraction of the cost of traditional offshore staffing!

Go to https://parallelstaff.com/nearshore-staff-augmentation to find out more!

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