High-Sensitivity Labeling & Metal Detectors For Nebraska Food Manufacturers

Mar 14, 2024

If you want to up your Nebraska food manufacturing company’s quality-control game and better protect your brand image, revenue, and end-consumers, you couldn’t do better than choose Pack & Inspect Group (855-232-1850)! They now offer maximum-sensitivity metal detectors from global leader METTLER TOLEDO Safeline.

As food processing and packaging processes become more complex, each added step in the production line presents another risk of contamination due to human or machine error. But you can reduce those risks by acquiring contaminant detection machines that ensure superior quality control and regulatory compliance – like Pack & Inspect Group’s labeling and metal detection machines from METTLER TOLEDO Safeline.

Check them out for yourself - and get ahead of your competition in the quality-control arena - at https://www.pack-inspect.com/metal-detectors

Get the Best Labeling & Metal Detectors in the Industry

Pack & Inspect Group's family of labeling and metal detection systems offers Nebraska food processing and packaging companies like yours the industry's highest detection sensitivities for inspection of food and beverage products in many different formats. With a cutting-edge Safeline metal detection system, you can significantly improve your product quality as well as your compliance with industry food safety inspection standards and relevant legislation.

The company’s labeling and metal detection machines come from a globally renowned market leader in metal detection for the food processing, packaging, and pharmaceuticals industries. You can choose from three applications:

  • flat-belt applications, with or without a conveyor;
  • Gravity Fall detectors for powders, grains, and granules; and
  • the Tablex-PRO for pharmaceutical tablets and capsules.

Additionally, you can choose from four technology levels:

  • Profile Advantage,
  • PowerPhasePRO,
  • Signature Touch, and
  • Signature.

A Solution for Every Application

Pack & Inspect Group has the labeling and metal detecting application that best suits the type of product and packaging you work with and the quality control features that best fit your unique productivity, quality, and compliance goals. The detectors for flat-belt applications, for example, can accommodate products in bags, pouches, tubs, cartons, cases, and boxes, with dozens of variants to choose from.

The Right Tech for Every Application

The detectors’ technology levels let you adjust the efficiency, precision, and flexibility of your application through various sensors and computerized control systems. The Profile Advantage level, for example, offers multi-simultaneous frequency and product signal suppression to overcome product effects in wet, warm, cooling, or chilled applications or those involving products packed in metalized film.

Application Combinations & Analytics for Even Better Quality Control

Additionally, your Safeline metal detection application can be combined with METTLER TOLEDO's checkweigher, x-ray, and vision system products. If you choose one of METTLER TOLEDO’s inspection products, you'll be able to integrate it with METTLER TOLEDO’s ProdX data collection and management system for more analytics and even greater quality control.

Pack & Inspect Group Represents the Midwest's Best

The company brings over 100 combined years of industry experience, and their representatives span Northern Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska. They're proud to represent the Midwest’s top brands for packaging, inspection, and product handling solutions.

“At Pack & Inspect Group, we represent the best in breed of major manufacturers in product inspection and packaging, proudly including METTLER TOLEDO products,” a company representative said. “We provide local expertise in the Midwest to assist you in the selection and implementation of solutions.”

When you choose Pack & Inspect Group, you're choosing the crème de la crème - the best, most knowledgeable, most experienced representatives of the best Midwest manufacturers in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical processing and packaging industry!

Learn more - and perhaps set up a consultation - at https://www.pack-inspect.com/metal-detectors

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