High-Quality Roof Replacements In Chattanooga Increase Your Property’s Value

Jun 12, 2023

Lee Roofing Company (423-250-9564) is proud to be Chattanooga’s most trusted roofing contractor. They do high-quality roof replacements and repairs that will increase your property’s value.

If the roof over your head is looking a little tattered, or maybe a lot tattered, Lee Roofing has the best roof replacement and repair services in Chattanooga.

As one of Chattanooga’s most experienced roofers, Lee Roofing Company knows that though a roof’s lifespan may be between 20 and 50 years, they are not an invincible structure. They encourage any Chattanooga resident with an aging roof to consider getting their roof inspected for wear and tear and other damage.

Go to https://leeroofingcompany.com/ to find out more.

Lee Roofing knows it’s possible that you have signs that your roof is no longer performing its function and is not fit for purpose, including increased humidity inside, leaky ceilings, a leaning or sloping roof, or green matter infestations on a roof’s exterior. However, they believe you are probably putting off these issues for a fear of the cost of a roof replacement.

As a recent article on Forbes magazine explains, in 2023, the average roof replacement cost is $11,500 for a normal-sized home, which their financial advisors describe as being far less than the cost of fixing the water damage, mold and other structural issues that may arise from an old and damaged roof.

Although Lee Roofing appreciates that any roof repair or replacement is a financial investment, they also believe that high-quality roofing will increase your property’s value. They always conduct thorough site inspections before committing to any replacement work. Where possible, they will suggest repairs over replacements, working purely on the most aged or damaged section of your roof.

Should a roof replacement be required because of storm or weather damage, the roofers can give you an unbiased inspection report and can also liaise directly with your insurance agents going forward.

Lee Roofing specializes in asphalt shingle and metal roofing, two of the most popular roofing styles for residential and commercial properties in Chattanooga. However, if you have another roofing material, they are more than happy to work with you. The company is a local veteran-owned roofing contractor with a reputation for trusted, honest work.

A spokesperson for the licensed roofers said, “​For all roofing needs, let Lee Roofing lend a hand. We specialize in roof replacements, getting the job done right the very first time. Our mission is to provide you with services that give your roof the durability, longevity, and quality it needs to protect your home and those living within.”

Lee Roofing wants you to get your old roof checked before it caves in!

Visit https://leeroofingcompany.com/ to see how Chattanooga’s most trusted and affordable roofers can help restore your aging or damaged roof to its former glory.

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