High Organic Google Ranking For Burbank Dentists: Autocomplete Optimization

Feb 29, 2024

My Tooth Media’s autofill optimization technology is an affordable and powerful new alternative to SEO or pay-per-click ads, and Burbank dental practice now have a unique opportunity to claim exclusive keywords and phrases.

Getting Seen First

When you start typing “dentist near me,” the clever autofill features on Google and Bing suggest a list of possible search entries. With their new technology, My Tooth Media can make the name of your Burbank dental practice appear as one of those suggestions.

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Your task is to decide which keywords or phrases you want. Some suggestions are “best Burbank dentist,” “endodontist,” or “dentist near me.” The autofill optimization tech then makes the name of your practice appear whenever someone starts typing your chosen words.

Keywords and phrases are available on an exclusive basis, and are now being offered to Burbank dentists on a first-come-first-serve basis. My Tooth Media’s technology is already being used in several other regions, and clients report near domination of local search results.

The First Real Alternative To SEO & PPC

Until recently, SEO and pay-per-click advertising were the only two methods of gaining a favorable position in Google’s search results. Several studies have shown that most people prefer organic search results, which limits the usefulness of sponsored ads, while SEO has become considerably more competitive and expensive due to the number of businesses now using it.

My Tooth Media’s autocomplete optimization technology offers an affordable and highly effective alternative, positioning the name of your dental practice at a point before SEO or PPC take effect. In addition to being exclusive, the company points out that once you’ve chosen a keyword or phrase, it no longer requires any effort, eliminating the ongoing upkeep demands of SEO techniques.

“My Tooth Media allows you to feature in the auto-complete for Google, YouTube, and Bing,” a company representative explained. “When potential patients click on your office in autocomplete, they bypass your competitors, and you own the entire first page.”

About My Tooth Media

Headquartered in California, My Tooth Media states that its autocomplete optimization technology is a new and innovative addition to digital marketing industry, and is effective for almost any industry. While the firm is currently introducing the system to dentists in select regions across the US, the system also works at a national or international level.

“We took as many keywords and phrases as we could because we wanted to own the local search market,” one client recently stated. “We’re extremely happy with the results. My Tooth Media delivers exactly what they promise.”

Once the best keywords and phrases are gone, they’re gone for good, so get in quick before your competitors find out.

Check out https://www.mytoothmedia.com/ so you can learn more.

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