Help Your Kid Improve On PSAT Scores With Old Greenwich SAT Coaching & Tuition

With the release of the PSATs, SAT season officially begins. At this critical time, Shark Tutoring LLC (203-249-9460), in Old Greenwich in Connecticut, has both online and in-person test preparation coaching.

Help Your Kid Improve On PSAT Scores With Old Greenwich SAT Coaching & Tuition

When your son or daughter receives their PSAT scores this week, Shark Tutoring wants you to start thinking about what comes next and how you can prepare for it.

The tutoring agency is run by a former Ivy League graduate and an esteemed academic tutor and standardized test coach who specializes in SAT examinations. Now, with Shark Tutoring’s online tutoring, they are proud to be supporting you and your son or daughter, wherever you are in Connecticut. They can help your child attain the scores they need to unlock a place in one of the country’s most prestigious universities.

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Although Shark Tutoring also continues to deliver in-person lessons, they are also offering SAT online coaching just as the College Board is about to release students’ junior year PSAT scores. As the head of the tutoring agency suggests, receiving these scores is a moment that should prompt you to consider how your child can build on this foundation by following a professional preparation and tutoring path.

Shark Tutoring appreciates that you may want your child to succeed on their merits and may be wary of excessive coaching. However, the facts remain that the SATs are not a simple measure of your son or daughter’s innate ability but rather are a showcase of preparation. As the tutors describe, these are ‘practice-able’ tests that involve building test muscle memory.

Moreover, they remain one of the single largest factors that will determine your child’s admission into the university of their choice.

As such, whether online or in person, in one of Shark Tutors’ sessions, your child will learn SAT test-taking strategies, including pacing strategies. They will also learn core techniques and knowledge short-cuts, will review all key content, and will improve their mental flexibility in approaching questions.

Shark Tutoring LLC has a proven record in ensuring SAT success and has sent its students to the top Ivy Leagues, including Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and Dartmouth. Their students have also gone on to excel at top innovative schools like MIT. One of their most recent success stories was taking a student from a combined 1410 to 1570 within just four weeks of tutoring.

A spokesperson for the academic coaches said, “Shark Tutor provides Fairfield County and Westchester County high school students with premier SAT tutoring, ACT tutoring, SAT subject test tutoring, and academic tutoring that is individualized for proven, results-oriented performance. We provide each student with the skills, strategies and pacing designed to maximize test scores and confidence.”

Help give your child the head start they need, and deserve, to excel in the SATs and secure their dream college!

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