Help Your Dog Live Longer And Stress Free With This FDA Approved Drug

Apr 3, 2020

If you’re looking to increase the lifespan of your senior dog and help them live a longer, happier, more fulfilled more pain free old age, then this guide can help.

For dog owners it can be sad to see the pets we love grow old and experience the diseases and issues of old age. But now a new solution has become available which helps dogs live longer and relieves some of the pains, stresses and strains of old age.

LongevityLITE has launched a new guide showing the beneficial impact of rapamycin on dogs. This drug, which is safe for human consumption and has been used by us for over 13 years, has been proven to improve dog lifespan by up to 14%.

The guide shows how it’s possible to slow down diseases of doggy old age like arthritis and liver disease while combating stress, anxiety and dementia.

More information can be found at:

The new guide shows dog owners how they can gift their dog a longer, happier more comfortable life. It highlights how old age can be made more enjoyable, allowing dogs to live a fuller life for longer.

Rapamycin was approved for human use by the FDA in 2007 to help with organ transplants. The Dog Aging Project began trials in 2014. The first phase focused on the safety of giving rapamycin to dogs. The results were ‘highly encouraging’ with no side effects and ‘strong justification’ for continuing the trials. The second phased focused on cardiac issues and delivered statistically significant improvements in heart function. The third phase, now underway, is expected to deliver up to 15% increase in dog lifespan over a 3 year period. Senior dog owners are already independently giving rapymycin to beloved pets and getting benefits similar to those of the Dog Aging Project so its well worth while you taking a look.

Studies show that rapamycin interventions delay or reverse molecular mechanisms of aging and have potential to greatly improve the health of dogs.

While the Dog Aging Project was small with only 23 dogs, a larger study is now being undertaken. Meanwhile “early adopter” dog owners across the country are, independently, starting to see the benefits for their pooches. Anecdotal comments from dog owners taking part in the Dog Aging Project are noteworthy. 70% of owners reported their senior dog displayed increased activity and energy. 60% of owners reported their Senior dogs behaviour became more affectionate – clinicians think this might be down to arthritis pain reduction.

The data shows that there are some potential side effects you need to know about which might include anaemia and fatigue – however, they are not much more dangerous than those of ordinary aspirin. In other words the benefits of you gifting your dog rapamycin (like aspirin) greatly outweigh the risks of taking it.

All trials of rapamycin have used low level doses in order to achieve maximum benefits. The overwhelming evidence suggests that it’s a universal anti-aging drug as it can extend the lifespan in all mammals currently being tested by scientists all over the world.

Full details can be found at:

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