Helium Axxent Reveals Money Leak In Dan Hollings’ The PLAN

May 10, 2022

Helium Axxent reviews Dan Hollings’ crypto-trading course, The PLAN, revealing a potential money leak, but also a fix. The review is published at https://heliumaxxent.com/the-plan-plus-short-selling/

Helium Axxent Reveals Money Leak In Dan Hollings’ The PLAN

Helium Axxent has released a potentially controversial review of Dan Hollings' The PLAN, eliciting some cause for concern, as the review may upset promoters of The PLAN who either over-hype the product or gloss over a vulnerability of the system that could cause subscribers to lose money.

The 3600 word review examines the high points and low points of Hollings' Cryptocurrency Trading Course, with the goal of educating consumers about the vulnerability of The PLAN to large or sustained drops in cryptocurrency prices. This is expected to be of interest to cryptocurrency traders and short-sellers who may consider purchasing The PLAN. It's predicted that the content of the review may spark discontent amongst promoters of The PLAN who either don't understand or choose to gloss over its weaknesses.

Below is a portion of the review, which concisely captures the controversial vulnerability:

"If, however, crypto prices drop below your bots’ trading ranges, then the bots will stop selling, because they can’t sell at a profit, and you will not make any money. So, you’re stuck underwater, waiting for the crypto prices to go up again and come back into range. But, what if they don’t come back, or what if they keep going down?"

A spokesperson for Helium Axxent, Rickey Williams, says "of course Helium Axxent never sets out to intentionally upset anybody. The aim of our reviews is first and foremost to alert consumers of potential weaknesses in any product or service we review. Our intention with The PLAN review is to identify its biggest risk, then show how to mitigate or turn that risk into a money maker. It's essential that we stay dedicated to our internal rule of not avoiding the types of criticisms that help our readers.

Although our review of Dan Hollings' The PLAN might unsettle promoters of the course who gloss over the potential money leak of the system, our duty is to our readers. We believe it's more important to let potential buyers know about the biggest risk with The PLAN, even if it scares them away than it is to please other promoters. Which is not likely to happen in any event."

Although there has been no backlash as of yet, the possibility exists, as this review may discredit presentations of The PLAN by other promoters who don't discuss its biggest vulnerability with consumers.

Helium Axxent's review does not stop with revealing the Plan's biggest weakness. The review also suggests a way to mitigate the risks associated with that weakness, and also a way to make money even during large or sustained dips in crypto markets.

Helium Axxent has been a provider of thorough reviews in the cryptocurrency market since 2021.

Helium Axxent has stated the future aims for the website are to provide insights into cryptocurrency issues and breakthroughs that are relevant to crypto enthusiasts, traders and investors, and in particular to topics important to followers and investors in the Helium Project. Helium Axxent hopes any controversy associated with its review of The PLAN will pass quickly, and re-emphasizes that no offense is or was intended.

Helium Axxent's complete write up and review of Dan Hollings' The PLAN can be found at https://heliumaxxent.com/the-plan-plus-short-selling/

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