Helium Axxent Crypto Wallet Guide, Not Just Another Day On The Farm

Aug 11, 2022

Helium Axxent’s new crypto guide describes how to choose the best cryptocurrency wallet, written especially with new investors in mind. The guide describes all critical aspects of crypto wallets and compares the selection process to playing FarmVille for the win. Find out more at https://heliumaxxent.com/crypto-wallets-101/.

Helium Axxent Crypto Wallet Guide, Not Just Another Day On The Farm

Crypto news and insights information business, Helium Axxent, has published a new how-to guide dedicated to helping new cryptocurrency investors understand how cryptocurrency wallets work, why they're not all the same, and how to choose a wallet that will provide the most value to them. This guide also has information useful to anybody facing the challenge of understanding how to choose a cryptocurrency wallet that will work best with their personal crypto investment strategies and risk tolerance.

Interested parties are invited to review the how-to guide in full on their website: https://heliumaxxent.com/crypto-wallets-101/

This most recent how-to guide from Helium Axxent contains a broad range of crypto wallet insights, designed to be used by investors who are trying to decide whether to invest in cryptocurrencies and how to go about it.

The guide starts with explaining how cryptocurrency wallets are pieces of software that are designed to be compatible with cryptocurrency tokens and blockchains. Wallets vary in terms of features, security, and ease of use. Because each investor's portfolio is different, this guide describes how investors can choose the best crypto wallet that will help protect and grow their cryptocurrency portfolios.

Helium Axxent states that this easy to follow straightforward guide provides all of the information necessary to start using crypto wallets with confidence.

The how-to guide promises a FarmVille twist that turns out to be more than just clickbait. In the guide Helium Axxent compares strategies used successfully with FarmVille’s online game and suggests similar strategies could be used successfully to choose a crypto wallet. The most interesting conclusion drawn by Helium Axxent is that both FarmVille and picking a crypto wallet can be done mindlessly, as entertainment, or with the kind of obsessive attention to detail that leads to winning, either for game players or investors.

There are many different crypto wallet types, as described in the guide, and most of them are not interchangeable. One crypto wallet does not rule them all, to paraphrase “The Lord of the Rings.” For example, wallets that work with Bitcoin will generally not work with Ethereum based tokens. That’s because crypto wallets are designed to work with specific blockchains, and Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains have important differences that wallet designs must accommodate.

The guide also reviews why most individual investors will need more than one wallet. There are at least three important reasons for this. 1) investors want to hold or trade different cryptocurrencies; 2) they want to be able to trade limited amounts of crypto-assents easily and quickly while protecting the bulk of their crypto in less accessible but more secure wallets; 3) investors may have more than one goal or strategy for their crypto investments beyond hodling or trading. For example, they may want to also invest in NFTs, or crypto lending or engage in other DeFi functions.

When asked for the reasons behind creating this guide to choosing the best crypto wallet for individual investors, Rickey Williams, lead analyst at Helium Axxent said: "there is quite a bit of information online that new investors can reference to learn about cryptocurrency wallets, but most of it is just bits and pieces. In this guide we have tried to provide a more complete view of the crypto wallet landscape in 2022, both from a descriptive point of view and from a ‘what does this mean to me as an investor point of view.’ Using the FarmVille analogy is intended to make the guide a little more understandable and a little more entertaining at the same time."

New cryptocurrency investors and anybody interested in choosing the best crypto wallet are invited to review the how-to guide online: https://heliumaxxent.com/crypto-wallets-101/

Helium Axxent provides recent news and insights about the Helium IoT peer-to-peer network project, cryptocurrency fundamental analysis, cryptocurrency wallets, and a variety of other cryptocurrency topics. More information can be found at https://heliumaxxent.com

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