Heated Neck Traction Device For Seniors: Best Solution For Sore Muscles

Jul 24, 2023

Don’t let neck pain cast a shadow on your golden years. Purchase this cervical neck traction device from Desk Jockey.

There’s a lot to love about being retired - but neck pain is definitely not one of them. Fortunately, Desk Jockey has an innovative product that provides much-needed help.

Made by Dynamic Wedge, this neck traction device has built-in heat therapy and frequency impulse features. The dual-function device offers an all-natural way to ease cervical tension, which can relieve discomfort and improve your range of motion in the neck.

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The device creates an incline that helps realign your neck’s cervical vertebra. While the neck traction has automatic default settings, you can customize the amount of incline, heat output, and pulse frequency to your liking.


Data from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke shows that about 15% of the American population suffers from neck pain or discomfort. While injury can be a cause, old age is also a major factor as muscle, bones, and ligaments degrade with time.

The Dynamic Wedge cervical traction equipment offers a convenient solution that you can wear even while on the go.


The neck traction device’s heat therapy component can increase blood flood to your nape, which reduces inflammation and pain. Moreover, heating your muscles causes them to expand and relax, thereby solving issues like tightness and strain.


At the same time, the Dynamic Wedge device also possesses a massaging feature that can further alleviate your pain. The gentle pulsing motion is conducted through your nerves, which in turn blocks pain signals.

A spokesperson says: “Neck pain is something that most people will likely experience in their lifetime. What we offer is a product that is not only effective, but also budget-friendly.”

Orders are typically fulfilled in three to five days; if you purchase within the U.S., you will have your shipping fees waived. Furthermore, Desk Jockey has partnered with OPay to enable you to pay for the device in four interest-free installments.


Desk Jockey is a family-owned and operated small business based out of River Falls, WI. It is dedicated to solving the problem of orthopedic pain and other health complications arising from prolonged sitting in an ever-more sedentary world.

Neck pain doesn’t have to dominate your life. Just purchase the Dynamic Wedge neck traction device to manage your condition effectively!

You may visit https://deskjockeystore.com/collections/neck-pain/products/neck-traction-with-heat-therapy-by-dynamic-wedge-cervical-automatic-device-multi-function-programs-adjustable-temperature-neck-pain-relief-stretcher to view the product’s specifications and to place an order.

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