Health Insurance in Arlington Just Got Better, Old Subsidies Have Increased

Nov 17, 2022

Rick Thornton, an Arlington health insurance agent, says the latest change comes at a time when tens of millions of American families prepare to take advantage of the Affordable Care Act’s annual open enrollment period.

Health Insurance in Arlington Just Got Better, Old Subsidies Have Increased

Health insurance in Arlington just got a sizable lift just in time for an important period where tens of millions of Americans will be looking for affordable healthcare options to protect their well-being during the next open enrollment period. According to several published reports, the Biden administration has fixed what has commonly been referred to as the Affordable Care Act’s “family glitch,” creating relief for many poor, working poor, and middle-class Americans who have previously remained uninsured or underinsured. This includes those who have insurance through their employers.

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If the glitch is truly fixed, the next open enrollment period will positively impact as many as 5 million people — more than half of them children — according to the Independent Commonwealth Fund. Naturally, this includes individuals and families with health insurance in Arlington. Per the Associated Press, which was quoted in a recent article by JDSUPRA, “Since the law was enacted more than a decade ago, people who have access to health insurance plans through their employers are supposed to get price breaks on the Affordable Care Act marketplace [coverage, instead], if they pay more than 9.5% of their income toward monthly premiums. But for years, the Internal Revenue Service arrived at that calculation based on the cost of a work-sponsored health insurance plan for a single individual, instead of a more expensive family plan. That meant many families didn’t qualify for the tax breaks offered through the ACA …”

Rick Thornton, an Arlington health insurance agent, echoed that article, citing a comment from Commonwealth Fund experts who forecast that “under the new rule, about 710,000 more people enrolling in marketplace coverage with premium tax credits, and 90,000 more children would be enrolled in Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program when their parents bought marketplace coverage because the system will automatically check for eligibility.”

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