Healing With Nature, Guided by the Body’s Innate Intelligence

Mar 28, 2023

Researcher Dr. Glen Swartwout has spent 40 years developing Accelerated Self Healing™ starting with saving his vision and his life as a young doctor. This case study reveals what’s possible with accurate guidance from the body’s innate intelligence, combined with the healing power of nature.

Healing With Nature, Guided by the Body's Innate Intelligence

Remedy Match revealed their new case study today on Accelerated Self Healing™. This case study demonstrates that Functional Formulations™, selected via Biofield Analysis™, can produce profound healing results.

The case study also showed that the classical pattern of healing in a downward direction from the head down through the body and out the feet is observable in Accelerated Self Healing™.

Wes, the subject of the case study, explains that the video is for anybody considering working with Dr. Glen Swartwout & Rae Luscombe based at Healing Oasis in Hilo, Hawaii. Not only have they formulated high-quality botanical/nutritional natural remedies. Many include bioavailability factors to boost absorption.

Wes describes the process of working with them... Each time they design a monthly remedy program, often without him telling them about what he is experiencing, the affirmations and remedies coincide directly with his life process.

He found it astounding how accurate their system is. He has had many healing responses to the recommended remedies, feeling tingling starting on his head, which then moves down through the body and out the feet. Sometimes his joints turned red for about 5 minutes which was not painful but curative rather than merely palliative, meaning only temporarily symptom-relieving. He describes it as curing root causes, a process that does not happen with regular supplements.

Remedy Match owner Susan Luscombe says many seek insights and answers about Accelerated Self Healing™. This case study reveals practically what's possible with the correct information and guidance.

The case study is available in both full video and written summary form at https://glenswartwout.com/

About Remedy Match

Remedy Match was founded in 2019 to serve the Health & Wellness industry. It is known for helping doctors and patients reverse otherwise irreversible degenerative diseases, including Age-Related Macular Degeneration, considered the leading cause of irreversible blindness in modern culture. More information about their work with ARMD is available at https://MaculaRegeneration.com

Interested parties can learn more about Accelerated Self Healing™, its origins, and applications in a free on-demand class at https://AcceleratedSelfHealing.net/cas-home-2236

Remedy Match's Functional Formulations™ and Accelerated Self Healing™ programs, including Biofield Analysis™ are available at https://RemedyMatch.com

More information about Biofield Analysis™ is available at https://BiofieldAnalysis.com

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