Heal With The Decrees, World’s Fastest Healing Technique!

Jul 4, 2022

The Mystic Lotus and Dragonflies presents The Decrees, a revolutionary breakthrough in the area of healing and self-development. The Decrees are a special set of words that are simply to be spoken, read or thought of. They are known to bring healing shifts IN SECONDS.

Heal With The Decrees, World’s Fastest Healing Technique!

If you think healing is a long intense journey of hard lessons, complex spirituality, and perhaps even isolation, here’s a surprise! Say Hello to The Decrees that are guaranteed to bring shifts, messages from the universe and even deep healing in MINUTES… IN SECONDS in the lightest and brightest way possible!

The Decrees are a special set of words, sometimes just one word, that is supposed to be spoken, read or thought of. They are known to bring healing shifts IN SECONDS. They are actually action statements on steroids or mantras in English that work in SECONDS! These are cosmically charged words/commands. Speaking them takes a couple of SECONDS and the shifts they bring ALSO take just a couple of SECONDS! And since the law of attraction states that our internal reality creates our external reality, you will not just feel better but also see results in your money, health and relationships (including an organic connection with the universe). Wow, right!

There are 4 ways in which a Decree works -

1. You may manifest your intention immediately. For eg. recover stuck monies or get a promotion, etc.

2. A block may be revealed. For eg. fear of accumulating lots of wealth

3. You may receive a message, guidance or intuition. For eg. apply for a new job or even call an old friend

4. You may receive an opportunity to reach your goals faster. For eg. partnerships may show up

Disclaimer: The reverse may also happen to show us what is required! For example, if you receive a big bill and are anxious about paying it, it may reveal that you have a block in "giving" which needs to open up so you can create space for "receiving".

There are several unbelievable but true stories of The Decrees' success - like Leena manifested USD 6,445 / Rs 5,00,000 in one day! Vaishali’s 2-month back pain went in a day! Elizabeth’s 30-year-old knee pain was gone in minutes! 1,000s more have experienced such tangible results.

You can experience these fabulous results too. It will work even if you don’t believe in The Decrees. Join the 3 super-fun challenges where all you need to do is spend 5 minutes for 5 days with The Decrees to (i) release excess weight (ii) double the bank balance and (iii) achieve super positivity quickly and with ease. Understanding The Decrees means healing with them. Join any of the challenges and fall in love with healing faster!


You may be putting daily efforts into your health, wealth and then spiritual healing. It’s time to mega-amplify your progress with The Decrees!

Challenge 1 - 5-Day, 5 minutes, 5 Decrees, Excess Weight Release Challenge

Releasing excess weight and reducing excess fat has many solutions - diet, fasting, exercise, medication, and surgery - most of these overlook the importance of a holistic approach. For instance, weight is way beyond the excess fat or flab on the body! Look at what all it can be -

• Feeling unsafe. Living in toxic, abusive and unhappy environments where there is criticism, shouting, violence, taunts or judgments, the body puts on a layer as padding. The excess weight cushions the impact of these energies. No weight release can be sustained without feeling safe

• Pushing when exhausted. Disrespecting/controlling/criticising the body cannot result in sustained weight release

• Unexpressed, suppressed, repressed emotions/memories/trauma become solid weight in the body over time. A healthy approach to the perfect body requires emotional management too

The above symptoms affect one’s diet, exercise and sleep. As healing occurs, better choices are made thereby releasing the weight.

Clothes getting loose overnight; reduction of bloating; lowering of sugar cravings; and shedding upto 28 pounds of weight with the use of The Decrees are some of the success stories of this challenge.

Expected Benefits

• Feeling lighter - very crucial for weight release

• Sugar cravings drop

• Abs crunch WITHOUT exercise

• Better levels of energy

• Clothes fitting better

• Increase in confidence

CHALLENGE 2 - 5-Day, 5 minutes, 5 Decrees, Double The Bank Balance Challenge

Waiting for money; staying in a job, relationship or family because of money; or discomfort paying bills, taxes, shopping, spending on vacations, etc. are symptoms of negative money habits.

Money is more than the salary, savings and budgets coming together! Stress, anger, desperation, ill-health and negativity repel money. Healing money positively impacts all areas of life.

Bank balance increasing overnight; manifesting USD 13,000; receiving contracts of over USD 1,000 within days; unexpectedly showing up of unexpected payments and stuck monies - all of these are some of the successes of this challenge.

Expected Benefits

• Within minutes, hours and days, the following may show up - unexpected monies, gifts, treats, compliments, bonuses, receiving stuck money, refunds, stocks rising, opportunities, etc.

• Intuitive money messages could show up

• The money block can reveal itself

• Financial stress could release rapidly

• Confidence around asking for money will increase

CHALLENGE 3 - 5-Day, 5 minutes, 5 Decrees, Super Positivity Challenge

The truth about being negative is hidden stress, anxiety, worry, repressed anger, criticism and judgments. This challenge simply helps with relaxation, breathing better, feeling more open and lowering stress, anxiety, unhappiness, insomnia and other negativities.

1,000s across the globe have reported feeling lighter, brighter, better and breathing easier in SECONDS!!

Expected Benefits

• Relief for stress, anxiety, unhappiness and insomnia

• Feel lighter, brighter and better IN SECONDS!

• Focus and clarity get enhanced

• Confidence increases

• Self-esteem, and self-worth get activated

• Positivity rises

• Relationship with self and others improve

• Crises convert into projects - they won’t feel like difficult challenges anymore!

• Ability to enter a meditative space easily develops

What next? (Same for all challenges)

Simply sign up and all you need to do is spare a few minutes a day, just say a few words (The Decrees) and drink lots of water! Yes! It's as simple as that!

All challenges start every Monday. To know more and sign up for the challenges, visit: https://www.mysticlotusgold.com/why-challenges-are-so-important-article

In just 5 days of any challenge, you should be able to notice the new ways in which your mind, body, health and bank balance will respond and that too so quickly! And guess what, you can effortlessly work on all the challenges at the same time. PLUS: any challenge you take speeds up your ascension journey. So get, set, flow, grow!

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