Make the most of 2023: The year of Holistic Healing

Jan 29, 2023

Numerologically, each number carries a certain vibration & even astrologically, each year is ruled by a planet based on the numbers. The year of 2023 has the energies of the spiritual number 7; of spirituality, intuition, research, mysticism, healing, occult sciences on a broad level

Make the most of 2023: The year of Holistic Healing

And, just like that, all of us entered 2023!

With just a few days before 2023 began, aren’t we all in that stage of the year where we are making our New Year Resolutions? From weight reduction to focusing on self-love or making it big in our professional lives, we all wish to make the best of 2023, achieve great success & just look back to this year with contentment & happiness!

But, have you ever heard about each year carrying certain energies? Numerologically, each number carries a certain vibration & even astrologically, each year is ruled by a planet based on the numbers.

And when we work with those energies or simply in alignment with those energies, it makes our lives much easier as knowing what to expect in a year helps us plan better & in turn function in a more productive way in life!

Understanding the energies of 2023 can help us better work with manifestations too!

Did You know?

The year of 2023 has the energies of the spiritual number 7!

Number 7 is the number of spirituality, intuition, deep research, mysticism, healing, occult sciences on a broad level!

This year, people would feel inclined towards spirituality, understanding their religious beliefs, visiting holy places, turning towards yoga & meditation, leaning towards occult sciences, focusing on their own self & healing themselves!

In fact, it’s been just a few days into 2023 & we have already seen a lot of celebrities visiting spiritual places, temples, ashrams & the like! Looks like 2023 has begun its magic already!

And with the energies of 7, 2023 is one of the best years to Heal holistically!

You might be wondering why Holistic Healing is important.

We are all psychosomatic beings & what goes on in our mind, affects our body & vice versa. So our thoughts & emotions influence our health too. The problems in our lives, the issues we go through are not always due to what we think it is, sometimes the real problem is something deeper, perhaps coming from a childhood memory or even past lives. And when we heal holistically, we heal from the root, the main cause of the pain, problems of our life when healed, opens the door for magic to begin!

With this, you might have had some thought come up in your mind that took you to some old wound needing a little care & healing! For life sometimes is a little hard & we do have painful experiences in life which shatter us.

But, you may think, with so many healing modalities in the world, ‘how do I find something that can help me heal?’

No worries, in tune with Number 7, let me share with you 7 special ways that can help you heal holistically!

1)Bach Flower Remedies:

Say Hello to one of the easiest & simplest healing methodologies to heal emotions! Dr Edward Bach, the founder of this modality believed that the root cause of all diseases is an imbalance in our emotions which led him to identify 38 emotional states & with this, he gave the world 38 remedies to restore balance in emotions!

With the principles of vibrations & energy, its major principle is that certain emotions have a lower frequency & when we use a particular bach flower as a remedy to heal a certain emotion, it works on raising our vibration to a higher frequency, thus healing our emotions.

From helping in healing fears, anxieties, traumas & regrets to even anger, depression, insecurity & loneliness, Bach flowers are at your rescue! Also, this is one of the easiest & effective healing modalities to heal emotions.

2)Tarot + Charm Casting:

Most of us are familiar with Tarot Cards; these are a deck of 78 cards, with 4 suits and divided into the Major and Minor Arcana. When the cards are laid out in a spread (a sequence), they provide guidance by connecting to our energies! But what’s this added layer of Magic; The Charms; these add the additional layer of information & guidance for a particular situation bringing us the best possible solution!

Charms are known to be a divination tool dating back to even 3000 B.C, so they have been enchanting humans way before Tarot too!

3)Multiplying Mind Power for All Areas of Life:

As we reach 12-14 years of age, we slowly begin to predominantly make use of our brain’s left hemisphere, which is dominated by logic, leaving behind the creative; the right hemisphere. This can be due to our upbringing, education system or other factors. However, when we begin to make use of both sides of our brain, we boost our Mind Power exponentially bringing in phenomenal success in every area of our lives!

By understanding the power of our Mind, we can understand how we can Boost 10 times the power of Affirmations, Naturally Think Optimistic, Get rid of addictions, develop your Intuition, attract more money, success & much more! So would you like to explore the hidden potential of your Mind?

4)Inner Child Healing:

Inner child healing helps us address the needs that were not met for us as a child, be it love, appreciation or affection. It helps us explore ourselves, going within, understanding our true feelings, the emotions that could have been rejected or not understood by others which we may have kept hidden due to fear of being hurt.

By releasing all lower energies, thoughts, vows, dark energies, guilt, sorrow, suppressed anger, anxiety, stress, feelings of self- destruction, unworthiness, degenerating & suicidal thoughts; we can achieve various benefits like clarity in your career, intuitive mindset, health benefits & much more!

5) Using New Ways to Manifest Miracles:

From entering the depths of our Subconscious mind to redesigning beliefs from our subconscious & breaking the patterns to creating our desired outcome, this call can help us understand the How of it all!

Right from clearing money blocks to getting raises & manifest shifting abroad, achieving good health, positive relationships & much more can be manifested by us with a unique blend of healing techniques like EFT, Hypnosis & Visualisation, NLP and more!

6)Akashic Records:

Akashic records can be understood as an immense photographic film which registers all our desires, wishes & experiences on Earth! And hey, it includes everything, right from each human being’s life experiences of each lifetime to the karmas performed since the beginning of time & space. The records are Our soul’s blueprint, which shows the essence of our journey.

The records are in a vibrational form & give us an insight into the cause of our present life events, deep fears, unconscious limitations & many more issues which may not have a specific reason. Understanding these can help us resolve our current life challenges.

With Akashic Records, get answers to ‘WHY’ you are facing a certain issue, the karmic deeds of our past lives leading to this issue & guidance with simple remedies to bring in immediate & quick transformations!

7)Maha Kali Goddess Reading & Healing:

Experience the healing technique that can help you cleanse & protect your Energies & also help you find the right path in life with Maha Kali Energies!

Working on the principle of energy & energy healing, It can help us in almost everything, right from mending relationships, manifesting money to even balancing the masculine & feminine energies in your body & much more; this healing modality can bring in Magic!

I know you are now really intrigued to know more about these modalities and how you can heal yourself better, so here’s a chance to explore these in depth with some of the best experts across India in a series of masterclasses!

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