Have Dentist Anxiety? Read New Guide By Family Dentist in North Charleston, SC

Nov 18, 2021

Carolina Family Dentistry (843-553-0911) in North Charleston, SC believes that high-quality dental care should be accessible for all. Recognizing that many patients suffer from dental phobia, it recently released a new guide on dealing with anxiety before an appointment.

As much as we always joke about dental phobia and how it’s a silly thing to have, the condition can be extremely crippling to the point where some people physically shake when on the dentist’s chair.

Demystifying dental phobia and its effects on patients, we at Carolina Family Dentistry discuss simple things that you can do before your appointment to reduce your anxiety. One of the best ways to reduce your fear is to be proactive. Ask questions and immediately let us know the MINUTE you begin to feel uncomfortable.

Learn more at https://www.carolinasmiling.com/how-to-combat-anxiety-at-the-dentist

Our new report assures readers that the condition is quite common, and many people experience some sort of dental phobia. Nevertheless, crippling anxiety can prevent you from visiting your dentist and having your teeth regularly checked. Dentists generally recommend that you see them twice a year to check for overall dental health.

Several studies suggest that around half of the world’s population has some sort of anxiety about visiting their dentist. One of the main reasons is a misconception that all dental procedures are painful and expensive. Further, dentistry is often misclassified as entirely cosmetic in nature, with no bearings on physical wellness.

This results in a vicious cycle, where patients initially do not see their dentists out of fear and misinformation and then become fearful because of the state of their teeth. Further details can be found at https://www.carolinasmiling.com/how-to-feel-calmer-about-your-dental-visit

Trust us: We know that being on our chair can be scary. That’s why we’ve made every effort to create a safe and comfortable environment for you. Led by Dr. Ron Banik, we assure you that all procedures are done within your comfort level. You are regularly asked how you are feeling so that you always feel like you are in control.

A grateful patient wrote, "I have a terrible dental phobia, and they made me feel extremely comfortable. Dr. Banik has been amazing to me. He explained everything before each step of treatment. I felt very at ease. Thank you for such a caring environment."

Still feeling anxious? Give us a call today so that we can discuss what else we can do to make your visit more comfortable.

Go to https://www.carolinasmiling.com so you can learn more. 

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