Halloween Mugs With Spooky Cat & Pumpkin Designs Are Best Gifts For Collectors

Oct 30, 2023

With the new Seasonal Splendor collection by Historic Collections, you’ll find one-of-a-kind artistic mug designs that will cast a spell on ardent cat lovers and full-moon party planners.

Q: How do ghosts celebrate the Halloween season?

A: With lots of boos!

For the living, the seasonal celebrations have folks rushing to big box stores like Home Depot, Lowes, and Spirit of Halloween. A recent report in Newsweek noted that Americans are expected to spend nearly $4 billion on Halloween this year. The report also revealed that over 30% of consumers celebrating Halloween will attend or throw a Halloween party.

Why not take a more personal approach this year?

The latest Halloween-themed mugs in Historic Collectibles’ Seasonal Splendor collection offer consumers, party-goers, and Halloween décor enthusiasts a more personalized, boutique shopping experience. Whether you're pouring cozy hot cider or your favorite boos, these mugs are sure to please.

You can find them at https://halloween.historic-collectibles.com

With the Seasonal Splendor collection of feline-themed Halloween mugs, you’ll be sure to create a fun atmosphere at any October party. The mugs also make the perfect gift for a cat-lover, owl fancier, or anyone who enjoys the warmth and coziness of the spooky season.

Featuring high-quality materials and carefully crafted artistic designs, these mugs are more than just decorations. Each one is available in an eleven-ounce or fifteen-ounce size and comes in either white or black ceramic. The unique wraparound designs perfectly capture the spooky essence of the Halloween season.

Historic Collectibles offers a range of tee shirts, hoodies, and mugs with boutique designs and humorous flair. The company specializes in astrological and angelic iconography, cat humor, and seasonal imagery. The Seasonal Splendor collection is now available at a discounted price.

A spokesperson for the company said: “With our "Seasonal Splendor: Halloween" collection, every day becomes a celebration of spook-tacular elegance. Embark on an autumnal escapade where owls, cats, and the iconic imagery of Halloween come to life.”

Why wait until the witching hour? These mugs are available right now at a discounted price!

Check out the Seasonal Splendor collection and much more right at https://halloween.historic-collectibles.com

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