Hair Styling Wax in a Bamboo Tub Is The Perfect Gift For The Man In Your Life

Apr 24, 2021

Swedish haircare company Da’Dude has updated its hair wax. Da’Wax comes in a 100ml wooden tub and gives hair a matte, natural look finish that stays in place all day.

Achieve perfectly styled hair that can withstand work, partying and the weather and never looks weighed down when you use the Da'Wax hair styling aid from Da'Dude!

Da’Dude Hair, a Swedish haircare company based in the UK and founded by Gary and Angelika Young, has updated its DaWax, a beeswax hair styling aid for men.

Go to for information about their release on eBay in the UK.

The product is available on Esty and Amazon and provides a strong hold and a matte finish that lasts all day. It’s suitable for all hair types, including thick and thin hair types and has a fresh scent. The wax is also free from residues which means it doesn’t weigh the hair down and is easily washed out.

The company says this product would make an excellent gift for occasions such as Christmas and birthdays. An eco-friendly hessian gift bag is included with each order. The wax is paraben-free and made using high-quality ingredients that are sourced from Europe and contains a SPX beeswax formula. This gives the wax a putty feel which allows you to easily work the product into your hair.

The company explains that a little goes a long way with the wax and one tub of the updated product can last for several months. You are advised to use a pea-sized amount of product for each application. An application tutorial can be found by visiting

The wax is available in a 100ml tub and comes in an attractive and eco-friendly bamboo wooden tub. It provides a natural look and is weather-resistant.

A customer called Cracker Jack says, "The matte finish is just perfect, you need only a tiny amount and the putty-like product is far easier to rub into the palms and spread for perfect pliability. For shine, just use more product, and easily slick it with some pomade. The best part, however, is the longevity, I have been out since early morning yesterday, been to the gym, napped, partied heavily, and recovered from a hangover and it’s still going strong.”

Da’Dude is a hairstyling company that is family-owned and provides strong-hold hair styling products for men that are made in Sweden and shipped from UK warehouses.

Are you ready for strong-hold matte look hair?

For more info on the company and their updated Da’Wax hairstyling aid go to and the URLs above.

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