Grow Your Business Profits With Over 30 Categories Of Expense Optimization

Feb 26, 2021

Reed Advisory Group wants to help you lower expenses, identify additional business benefits, streamline your shipping, and so much more! Call them today!

Are your business expenses streamlined so you can keep more of your revenue? How much do shipping costs and accounts payable affect your bottom line? Call Reed Advisory Group today and learn the many ways they can help you be more profitable!

Reed Advisory Group, a business consulting firm, has launched services and solutions to help your business improve the bottom line. These services and solutions apply to all kinds of industries and cover a multitude of expense categories where businesses lose money.

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COVID-19 has had an enormous impact on business. The expert services and solutions launched by Reed Advisory Group will help businesses no matter the economic outlook but can be especially useful for business impacted by the pandemic.

Three areas where Reed Advisory Group can help your business are: Expense optimization in over 30 categories, a fully integrated accounts payable solution, and a shipping solution that reduces costs. Focusing on these three areas allows them to help nearly every type of industry.

The innovative expense solutions include the optimization of nearly every item in your company’s general ledger. The fully integrated Accounts Payable solution can streamline your AP process and allow your company to earn rewards for paying vendors. Finally, the shipping platform can reduce your shipping costs by 15-25%, while still getting the best rates and transit times.

Other services offered by Reed Advisory Group include vendor cost control, employee health benefits-billing transparency, and a same-day pay digital wallet. Reed Advisory Group can also help you with tax incentives and successful results from class action suits. 

Among Reed Advisory Group’s expert provider clients are construction, manufacturing, real estate, and hospitality firms. Medical facilities, online retailers, restaurants, wholesalers, retailers, construction groups, local municipalities and more also benefit from Reed Advisory Group’s in-depth guidance.

Reed Advisory Group providers serve the following clients – Four Seasons, Yankee Candle, Costco, Cintas, Carecore Health, Whole Foods, Habitat for Humanity, and many more. This trust was earned by over 20 years of cost reduction and tax analysis experience.

A contractor who worked with one of Reed Advisory Group' service providers says, “An assessment of our business determined our actual; payroll was significantly lower than the estimated payroll on our Worker’s Comp policy which resulted in us getting a $34,000 refund.”

Are you ready to save money and grow profits? Call Reed Advisory Group (570) 390-8784 today to schedule a free initial assessment! You can also schedule your assessment by using an online scheduling form in the link below!

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