Grow Fresh Vegetables With This No-Hassle Aeroponic Gardening System

Jul 4, 2020

Get fresh food year-round without the hassle! Gardyn’s new system allows you to have fresh food by using its simple plug-and-play technology in conjunction with artificial intelligence.

Are you tired of pesticide-treated vegetables? Do you want to grow fresh food from your garden hassle-free? If yes, this new system is just for you!

Gardyn has recently released its artificial intelligence monitored hydroponic gardening system. The new system is designed to help you easily access fresh food.

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The newly released system has been designed to give you the ability to grow healthy food with minimal effort. It is very easy to assemble and uses an app that can be downloaded to any mobile device. The app, known as Kelby, acts as an assistant gardener that utilizes artificial intelligence to monitor the growth and nutrient needs of the plants.

The entire system is no more than two square feet and does not require any soil. It utilizes a plug-and-play technology that is the first of its kind and It can grow up to 30 plants to perfection.

It comes with small blocks that have the seed of your choice inside. All that is needed is for you to plug the blocks into the vertical unit and add water. These blocks are known as ycubes. The artificial intelligence sensors will monitor the growth of the seeds in the ycubes and provide an alert when further action needs to be taken.

Gardyn’s new system is very efficient. Most people add water to the system once every four weeks. This takes the hassle out of gardening and will afford you more time for other things. Additionally, Kelby gives updates and instructions on what is needed if there are unexpected eventualities.

Kelby is very easy to use and sends immediate report alerts to your connected mobile device so that you can be updated on the progress of your plants. 

This artificial intelligence software also allows for plants to be grown to perfection. The team at Gardyn programmed Kelby to assist in helping you grow the best produce and this includes notifying you when it is the best time to reap the harvest. Also, only the ycubes with plants that have grown to perfection are harvested. The other plants just keep growing.

The best part- there's no weeding...

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