Become #1 Children’s Book Best-Seller Author on Amazon With This Free Training

Apr 8, 2020

If you’re really looking for an expert course by a best-selling Amazon author that can help you become a successful children’s book author, join the free training webinar by Jay Boyer. Jay has developed a great guide to selling children’s books on Amazon.

"I want to write a children's book. Where do I start?"

Don’t know the first think about writing a children’s book? Learn all the tricks and strategies from seasoned children’s book authors and prepare to have your very best month of Kindle book sales ever.... 

Join a free training class by Jay Boyer, called Children's Book Formula. The training teaches you how to write and self-publish a best-selling children's book on Kindle in seven days or less and how to profit from Amazon publishing. Jay Boyer will help you avoid some of the common mistakes that new authors make.

More information is available at

Boyer teaches you how to create a regular, profitable and scalable online publishing business and enjoy high revenue. He shares the things you need to do and stop doing if you want to have a successful children’s book launch.

You will discover how to create a children's book with amazing illustrations that kids will love, even if you can't draw.

The training is designed to help you sell more children’s books while spending less time and money. It features great tips by an Amazon best-selling author and talks about the various aspects of writing and illustrating kid's books. Just as important, Boyer also teaches launch and marketing strategies.

The Children's Book Formula program is perfect for anyone who has ever wanted to write a children’s book; for parents, teachers, grandparents, and all creative minds who want to establish a cool new passive income stream. Children’s Book Formula uncovers the experts’ thoughts and strategies that will work for any new or experienced writer and will help to cut through the noise, the busyness, and the rat race.

It empowers you to come up with a best-selling book idea in three minutes even if you are a newbie. Jay has put together everything you need to move step by step from a blank page to your own publisher.

You will also discover the kinds of promotions you can do and which campaigns are the best investment that will allow you to reach wider audiences and boost you readership.

Don’t miss this amazing offer and learn more about the Children’s Book Formula program by Jay Boyer in this free training at .

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