Green Hills TN Paving Contractor Publishes Asphalt Street Resurfacing Case Study

Mar 9, 2024

Find yourself between a road and a hard place and need paving work done efficiently? Gaddes Strategic, LLC (615-866-2795) can get the job done smoothly — no bumps or unwelcome surprises. Along with their unmatched expertise, their recent case study can 100% attest to that!

The right paving professional can make a world of difference. Whether it’s for a roadway, parking lot, or an alley, not only does the right professional save you money in the long run, but you can also enjoy a little extra peace of mind knowing the work was done exceptionally well. That’s what Gaddes Strategic brings to the table. As one of Nashville’s leading asphalt paving contractors, they know how to level out the competition — without taking their eyes off the job.

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The recent street resurfacing job, completed in just one day, showcases the contractor's asphalt milling and paving capabilities, as its team had to manage regulatory challenges, property lines, and more while performing repairs and installations.

Challenges & Executions

A custom home builder requested the paving job in response to a new water tap installation and an order from a Nashville Department of Transportation and Multimodal Infrastructure (NDOT) inspector requiring the property to meet stringent municipal regulations for street conditions. The installation of the new water tap presented a specific set of challenges for the home builder, as it was on a street that had been paved within the last five years.

The block’s corner location also added complexity to the project. The NDOT inspector’s requirements were to mill and pave two inches from property line to property line, spanning two streets. This task involved the removal of a specified depth of the existing road surface (milling) and applying new pavement within the designated area. More specifically, the job involved the team repairing the curb and gutters on one street and completing an asphalt trench repair on the other, which entailed milling and filling the trench with a binder to the surface to provide stability and durability.

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Asphalt Street Paving Benefits

Benefits provided by the project included increased safety for both vehicles and pedestrians; regulatory compliance, as all local standards were met, avoiding fines and subsequent corrective actions; and improved drainage because proper surface grading was achieved, facilitating effective water drainage and preventing pavement failures.

Additionally, while coordinating the project, the team worked to minimize disruptions to traffic. They used top-of-the-line equipment, such as the Weiler P385B Paver and the Deere 331G Track Steer to ensure fast and efficient completion.

About Gaddes Strategic, LLC

A company spokesperson said: “Gaddes Strategic, LLC continues to set the standard for asphalt paving in Davidson County and the surrounding areas. With a comprehensive range of services, including street paving, alley paving, parking lot paving and resurfacing, pothole repair, asphalt trench repair, parking lot sealcoating, and line striping, Gaddes Strategic is the go-to contractor for all asphalt paving needs.”

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