Greek God NFT Community Exclusive Membership: Enjoy Crypto Education & Parties

Mar 14, 2024

When you join the Greek Mythology Club, you’re part of a movement that can be the future of the NFT space. The more NFTs you hold, the greater your HODL rewards!

Imagine you could travel the world and go to VIP yacht parties just for minting and holding onto NFTs. Well, with the Greek Mythology Club, that's exactly what you get. Start building your collection today!

Mint your first Greek god at

Collect them all

The Greek Mythology Club rewards you for minting and holding randomized NFTs and building a collection that grows over time. The first wave of releases focuses on the most popular Greek gods - with exclusive Poseidon, Zeus, Hermes, Apollo, and Ares NFTs. Once the initial wave is complete, there will be a Greek goddess collection, followed by a range dedicated to well-known mythical creatures.

The Greek Mythology Club's NFT designs showcase intricate details and unique characteristics, with each having a distinct background color, hand item, headgear, eye design, robe style, and chain.

Avoid rug pulls & scams

One of the group's primary objectives is to combat the prevalence of pump-and-dump schemes and rug pulls that have eroded trust within the crypto space. It’s building a transparent and ethical environment to restore confidence among investors and enthusiasts.

“The absence of proper education or mentorship makes it easy for newcomers to fall victim to these issues,” explains a spokesperson for the company, discussing the need for a different approach. “The short lifespan of many projects also raises concerns about sustainability and long-term value.”

Get access to exclusive parties

The need for web3 education is why the team is placing a strong emphasis on courses, mentorship, and training. The platform offers a wide range of options encompassing crypto node classes, forex training, and in-depth crypto masterclasses - giving you the knowledge and skills you need to make smarter decisions across your portfolio.

The membership structure is tiered, with the first level being the Fish Club, accessible with the ownership of a single NFT. At this entry point, you gain access to 1-on-1 NFT training sessions, along with podcasts and AMAs.

As you ascend the ranks, you get other exclusive opportunities. The Kraken Club, for example - available when you reach 40 NFTs - grants access to cruises, yacht parties, and future mints.

Start unlocking some amazing perks when you become part of this exclusive community!

Check out to start building your NFT collection!

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