Gourmet Nigerian Food Caterer Describes The Success Of Its Recent Dagenham Event

Feb 12, 2024

Are you searching for a top-grade Nigerian food catering service in the UK? Get a glimpse of how ELLESU (+44 794 687 8254) put together an unforgettable feast for Ukpor Union’s inaugural ceremony.

To commemorate the opening of its UK chapter, Ukpor Union held a culinary extravaganza in Dagenham, organized by the catering team at ELLESU. This night of culinary delight is detailed in a recent case study, in which the London-based caterer showcased its mastery of Nigerian cuisine and capability in catering to large private events.

Everything you need to know about how the team handled this big assignment can be found in the case study, which you can access here: https://ellesu.com/ellesu-catering-services-shines-at-ukpor-union-inaugural-ceremony-a-feast-to-remember-in-dagenham-uk/

The Mission

ELLESU was hired by Ukpor Union to set up and manage the buffet, serve finger foods, and ensure the freshness of the dishes throughout the six-hour affair. It is estimated that the 10-person team served approximately 450 guests.

An Unforgettable Culinary Experience

ELLESU's case study also describes its lavish Nigerian menu for the Ukpor Union Inaugural Ceremony, featuring a range of dishes from jollof rice and pepper soup to pounded yam and ukwa, all made with traditional ingredients carefully sourced from local African food stores and meat markets.

"From the captivating aroma of Jollof rice to the savory delight of moimoi, every dish showcased ELLESU’s dedication to creating memorable culinary experiences," ELLESU recounted. "The success of the event was not only measured by the satisfied guests but also by the buzz surrounding the talk-of-the-night jollof rice and the soaring popularity of moimoi."

In collaboration with the Vice President of Ukpor Union, ELLESU ensured its menu for the event could accommodate all dietary preferences, providing guests with vegan and vegetarian options.

The ELLESU catering team also displayed its adaptability and problem-solving abilities, quickly overcoming the unexpected challenge of traffic to exceed client expectations for the event.

For Nigerian Food Lovers

The 2021 UK census recorded 178,000 Nigerian nationals residing in the country at the time. As the Nigerian demographic in the UK has doubled since 2008, and continues to grow, so has the demand for authentic Nigerian cuisine.

In response to the demand from this growing population and lovers of Nigerian food in London, ELLESU was conceived as a multifaceted culinary brand that offers a wide range of food services from catering to cooking lessons. Founded by Anambra native, Olive Onyi, the company continues to share the delights of Nigerian cuisine with taste, style, and innovation.

“At ELLESU, we strive to explore the art of food-making whilst stretching and manipulating its form,” said a spokesperson for the company.

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