Google Maps Ranking Done Better With Niche-Relevant Content, Says LinkDaddy

Nov 13, 2023

Using niche-relevant content is a great way to boost your Google Maps presence – but you have to be smart about it, says LinkDaddy.

Why Google Maps Ranking Matters

Google Maps is currently the world’s favorite navigation platforms, according to recent studies - and for local businesses that depend on foot traffic, getting seen there is becoming a key priority.

But how exactly do you do that?

LinkDaddy has the answers.

Google Maps Ranking With Niche-Relevant Blog Content

An effective way to improve Google Maps ranking is to leverage niche-relevant content to drive up your brand presence, says LinkDaddy founder and SEO expert Tony Peacock.

His agency's Google Maps Ranking service uses Google's share link and iframe code to create a more impactful online presence.

By embedding your Google My Business (GMB) listing in quality, niche-relevant articles published on authoritatives sites, LinkDaddy significantly improves your Google Maps visibility.

Simulating Local Searches

To ensure efficiency, the Google Maps Ranking service uses 4G mobile proxies to simulate local city searches for your GMB listing, using specified keywords relevant to your city.

This simulation allows the company to mimic real-world search patterns and fine-tune the content strategy to improve your ranking on Google Maps for your targeted areas.

Relevancy & Local Engagement

At the cornerstone of LinkDaddy’s Google Maps Ranking is a focus on relevancy and local engagement.

Targeting specific cities and leveraging niche-relevant content allows you to become visible to your desired audiences - an essential asset in a world increasingly dominated by mobile search.

Multi-Factor Approach

The solution has been tweaked to ensure optimal performance by considering all the factors used to determine Google Maps visibility, explains LinkDaddy.

“There are several factors that can influence your ranking on Google Maps, including the number and quality of reviews you have, and the distance of your business from the user’s location,” said LinkDaddy founder and SEO expert Tony Peacock. “With LinkDaddy’s Google Maps Ranking service, we can help your local business rank higher on Google Maps by creating niche-relevant backlinks and embedding the Google Map in niche-relevant blog posts. We can also run CTR to the Google Maps to simulate local searches from within a 3-5 mile radius. Overall, by working with LinkDaddy, you can improve your visibility on Google Maps and attract more customers to your local business.”

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