Give Your Dog The Best Small Batch Real Duck All-Natural Dog Training Treats

Mar 18, 2021

Looking for the best all-natural healthy dog training treats for your beloved pup? Choose Sir Tom Small Batch Dog Treats’ newly launched grain-free Duck BBQ Bites to spoil your pet!

Never compromise on your dog’s health or nutrition – only choose the highest quality dog treats to support your pet’s vitality and overall well-being!

Sir Tom Small Batch Dog Treats, a manufacturer of USA-made all-natural premium dog treats, announced the launch of Duck BBQ Bites – a new grain-free, healthy training treat featuring real duck meat as the main ingredient.

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The newly released product aims to provide guilt-free and delicious training treats that are made in small batches using quality ingredients you can trust.

As a pet owner, you have a great deal of choice when choosing dog treats for training purposes; however, many products use artificial ingredients, fillers, or preservatives, which have little nutritional value or enjoyable taste.

Sir Tom Small Batch Dog Treats only use all-natural ingredients with no corn, soy, or wheat to create a highly rewarding training treat that your dog can’t resist. Made in the USA following the highest quality and safety standards, you will also have the peace of mind of feeding your beloved pet a nutritious premium dog treat.

Featuring the finest all-natural ingredients, including real duck meat, pea flour, chickpeas, and natural barbecue flavor, Duck BBQ Bites have an enticing smell and taste that your dog will love. When used in training, the treats are an effective way to promote good behavior and keep your pup motivated while enjoying a healthy and nutritious treat.

Small in size, the soft training bites can be easily broken down into smaller pieces for picky chewers or fed as a whole piece. Each eight-ounce pouch comes in a resealable bag to preserve freshness.

Happy customer reviews can be found on Sir Tom Small Batch Dog Treats’ social media accounts at and

With the latest announcement, Sir Tom Small Batch Dog Treats is committed to providing pet owners, like you, with quality grain-free treats made from natural ingredients for a healthy dog diet.

A satisfied customer said: “Shepherds are at increased risk of digestive issues, so we are careful what we feed our dog. Sir Tom’s are the perfect treat. With just a few high-quality ingredients, our German Shepherd loves them. We like that they are made in small batches, too.”

Sir Tom Small Batch Dog Treats are the delicious and high-quality all-natural treats that your pup deserves! Visit to place your order today for these nutritious grain-free treats.

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