Give The Best Unique Handcrafted Personalized Jewelry To Your Special Someone

Nov 25, 2020

Rise Shed has launched a new collection of fashion jewelry pieces including works by the Australian designer Suzy Molloy. The team explain full customization is available through engraving or by uploading an image.

Are you celebrating a special birthday, anniversary, or occasion soon? Have you started thinking about special gift ideas for your girlfriend for the holidays? Are you mourning the loss of a loved one or a special pet? Have you considered getting a piece of memorial jewelry to remember them forever? If you want to turn your special memories into family heirlooms, this is the collection for you! 

An online fashion store has launched a jewelry collection including pieces from the Australian designer Suzy Molloy. The team behind Rise Shed explain the new pieces can help you turn your special memories and sentimental pieces in to heirlooms as every piece is customizable.

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The newly launched jewelry collection makes an ideal graduation, birthday, anniversary, or memorial gift for your loved ones explain the team. They say many of the items can be personalized to include an image or photo of your choice, which is ideal for you or your family if you have lost someone close to you or a special pet that you want to remember.

In case you are wondering, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, pendants, and dog-tag style pieces are all made to order based on your requirements and available as part of the range. Each piece supports a family or mother, and worldwide shipping is available on all items as they are handcrafted in the US.

For instance, there is an option for you to create a Personalized Etched Photo Pendant on Necklace whereby you simply upload the image of your choice and is available in a 316 Steel or 18k Gold Finish. The piece is water resistant and hangs on an adjustable necklace chain that measures 18 to 22 inches.

The Monogram Alphabet Initial Heart Pendant Range depicts antique gold lettering on gold framed shield. Every pendant letter has its own colored background design. For example, the D letter is surrounded by a decorative blue agate-style patterned background. Every heart shaped pendant is available on bangles and necklaces with a shatterproof liquid glass coating.

You could buy one alphabet initial pendant for every member of your family to create a colorful and fashionable bangle stack. Each pendant can be further customized to order with individual or matching engraving of special or sentimental messages, names, co-ordinates or dates.

As you may be aware, religious jewelry has also grown in popularity with customizable options such as the Christ on Cross El Greco, which can be engraved on the front with your initials or numbers that are important to you. In addition, the back of the cross can be engraved with your loved one’s name, your anniversary date, or anything else of significance to you.

A customer wrote: “My wife loved the personalized gift I ordered for her. I am currently away on deployment and she felt the love I have for her and how much I appreciate her because of the great gift.”

You can view the full collection by viewing the link provided!

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