GiftIt Is Taking the Stress Out of Holiday Shopping

Nov 15, 2023

New E-commerce Brand is taking the stress and guesswork out of Holiday Shopping in the most surprising way.

As the holiday season approaches, the hunt for the perfect gifts begins. It's a time filled with festive music, twinkling lights, and the pressure to find that special something for everyone on your list. But this year, a new player in the e-commerce field is changing the game. GiftIt, launched on November 8th, 2023, in Los Angeles, CA, is on a mission to take the stress out of your holiday gift-giving.

Co-Founders Urina Harrell, a former Walmart Merchant, and TeRenna Taylor have combined their experiences to create a platform that not only simplifies the process of finding the perfect present but also makes it more personal and joyous. "At GiftIt, we believe that gift-giving should be a joyous and personal experience, not a source of stress," says Harrell. And it's this philosophy that sits at the heart of GiftIt.

Here’s how GiftIt is redefining the art of gifting:

Intuitive Selection Process

Navigating through GiftIt's user-friendly platform, customers find themselves selecting gifts based on insightful categories that resonate with the recipient's personality and current life stage. It's like having a personal gift concierge at your fingertips.

Multiple Gifting Levels

Understanding that budgets vary, especially during the holiday season, GiftIt offers multiple gifting levels. This thoughtful approach ensures that everyone can express their appreciation and love, regardless of how much they are able to spend.

A Touch of Personalization

With options to customize, each gift goes from being a simple item to a thoughtful gesture. Whether it's a note or a custom package, the personal touches are what make GiftIt stand out.

Flexibility in Shipping

In today's world, not everyone can gather around the tree together. GiftIt’s shipping options allow gifts to be sent directly to the recipient's doorstep or to the buyer's home, offering convenience along with a touch of surprise.

TeRenna Taylor, who is not only a co-founder but also a wife, grandmother, and entrepreneur, shares her insight: “The holidays can be an overwhelming time. We wanted to create something that alleviates the pressure and celebrates lesser-known businesses with outstanding products.”

Each gift from GiftIt is a curated experience, from the selection of high-quality items to the unboxing journey. The company is not just selling products; it's delivering happiness in a box, with the goal of ensuring every gift is as joy-inducing as intended.

GiftIt isn't just another e-commerce website; it's a community-centric platform that understands the essence of gifting. With a commitment to customer satisfaction and support for emerging businesses, GiftIt is the new home for your holiday shopping.

As we head into the festive season, consider taking a different approach to your gifting strategy. Visit and experience the ease, personalization, and joy of GiftIt. Say goodbye to holiday stress and hello to moments of connection and delight, one gift at a time.

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