Get Your Toyota 4Runner Ready To Leave The Beaten Path With TORQ Pro Lift Kits

Jun 16, 2020

TORQ Engineering lift kits give your 4Runner a rugged new look, better ground clearance, and unmatched off-road performance. Call 833-364-8677 or visit for more about why your 4Runner needs a lift kit.

Whether you’re a weekend off-road enthusiast or dedicated trail rider, TORQ Engineering’s new Toyota 4Runner lift kits offer exceptional value at affordable prices. 

Going off-road doesn’t have to cost you thousands of dollars in upgrades. TORQ Engineering has unveiled its affordable Toyota 4Runner lift kits that give you great value for prices as low as $150!

The leading auto modification specialist in Orem, UT launched the 3/1 and 3/2 leveling lift kits for Toyota 4Runner models from 2005 to 2020. The kits are compatible even if your truck has X-REAS or TRD Pro shock systems. 

The TORQ Engineering lift kit is designed to give your 4Runner truck adequate lift without changing factory-installed constant-velocity (CV) joints. The Toyota lift kit is machined from aircraft-grade billet aluminum for improved structural strength while being cheaper than cast aluminum kits.

The 3-inch lift kit compensates for the factory-set forward rake—where the front of the vehicle sits lower than the rear—by adding differential spacers to the front and rear struts. The skid plate drop spacers give the 4Runner a more powerful appearance, improved ground clearance, and allow for the installation of larger tires. The higher ground clearance ensures that your exhaust, running boards, skid plate, and exhaust are clear of impact on uneven terrain.

TORQ Engineering leveling kits for the Toyota 4Runner are manufactured in the USA and feature heat-treated, corrosion-resistant bolts and fasteners. The kit includes polyurethane cushioning to dampen sounds and vibrations. Get genuine American quality at an unbeatable price.

The new 4Runner lift kits from TORQ Engineering do not void Toyota manufacturer warranties. The company leverages networks with several Toyota dealerships to have lift kits installed on a new vehicle at the time of delivery without affecting its warranty.

TORQ Engineering currently partners with Toyota Bountiful, Tony Divino Toyota, Jack-It, Ultimate 4X4 Utah, and TRIIX Customs. TORQ Engineering is a specialized manufacturer of truck lift kits based in Orem, UT, and serving customers across the Salt Lake City Metro area. 

Get the new 3-inch off-road lift kit for your Toyota 4Runner today. Call 833-364-8677 or visit for more about why your 4Runner needs a lift kit.

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